A harsh snowy time

when there’s snow
when there’s no snow
whatever it takes,
what matter is the mindset,
to accept the changing
nature as it is,
though it could be harsh
or it could be severe,

a bitter medicine
is the only cure,
a sweet catering
is not a status,
but all we need is
a sweet capsule
with a bitter cure,
not a bitter taste
with a sweet honey,,

a plenty of snow here,
making the blue mood
amid of the snow white:)

please enjoy the harsh snow poem by me in this video

to me, winter time is good to write a poem especially with a sense of loneliness, to me, spending alone time writing a poem, making a beautiful video using pictures and sweet melody is a cure

thank you

winter rain

o…dropplets dropplets
can’t freeze to become
the beautiful snow white flakes
falling silently on the winter field

o…dropplets dropplets
melting as if raining
but still waiting for the sun
to go back to the cloudy sky

o…dropplets dropplets
flowing as a stream
reaching out for the lake
to go back to the wild sea

o…dropplets dropplets
where do you belong?
when will you get to?
a volatile destination…

please enjoy the winter rain poem song

wishing you get to your destination
whatever however it takes

thank you

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