Blue skies poem

with the magic keywords
we can see all over the world
we can enjoy every scenery
thanks to internet
still we want to experience
the real sceneries
of the beautiful places
we are living under
the blue skies watching
for the blue skies on the screen

please enjoy the poem by Irving Berlin with beautiful autumn photos and melody

dive into the screen to reach beyond the screen standing still reaching nowhere..

Thank you

digital imagination

i thought it’s imagination
but it’s real
but i am not real
but i am trying to be real
in the virtual reality
but i must be real
in the reality for real
but it’s all about compassion
happening to me always
that i care every detail
in every way to humanity
but it’s no vain
to gain many imagination
to make the bright reality

please enjoy the suspending mood condition in this video

Thank you

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