Sweet Prize Poems For Trying

Sweet Prize Poems For Trying
Trying is not easy.
Not trying is easy.
Keeping perseverance calls
for more effort.
Trying has its own special challenges that you might not know,
how to lead it to success at first.
What should you do
when you are likely to giving up?
Fake it as it will happen sooner or later.
Learning to deal with these challenges,
to peacefully resolve differences
and communication,
makes it even more fruitful than those first few butterflies you felt in your stomach.
Effort that is truely will lasts,
is worth making sacrifices for.
It is a challenge worth living up to.

please enjoy the sweet prize poem for trying in this video

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Keep trying poem

trying to understand
trying to convince
trying to be stable
in the toss around
lost and found
of unknown

hustle and fail
rattle and frail
justice habbit
gains nothing
dance the wrong
or die the right

pushing through
all the might
all the strength
pray every night
until trying teaches
what it really is

if you are trying to fly, may you find the right wings, don’t let you kept capturing inside your mind not daring to try for what you are meant to be as God will, only freedom could set us free and be our true selves

please enjoy the trying poem with the beautiful angle’s trying to fly song

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