Study on the spiritual energy

The unseen energy
Matter the most
No success yet
May be the inner energy
Still not enough
To do the work
To realize the dream
To reach the goal in life

The spiritual energy
Mostly positivity
Are the real strength
To achieve the aim in life
The more negatives
The more stress and worry
The more far away from tranquility
To build the mind
To master own’s energy
A practice of good deeds
Indeed will enhance
Your body and soul

Please refer to my study on spiritual energy in this video.
May your soul be strong and energetic.
Thank you.

Mighty test!

Bumpy road
Fail to hope
Negative load

Bumpy road
Winding mode
Positive broke

Bumpy road
Jump to slope
Way to hope

Sloppy slope
Slippery road
Nowhere to hope

Mirage slope
All in cloak
No way to hope

Rise and fall
On bumpy road
Shines the hope

Road to success
All disguised
Test our might

Never know right
When time arrives
Must keep tight

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