action, reaction and interaction,
matter and universe,
all are in the same warp surrounding.
light eats darkness out,
darkness eats light off,
fishes eat small fishes,
humans eat fishes,
carnivores eat herbivores.
rain turns to water,
water turns to sea,
sea turns into vapor,
vapor turns to rain clouds.
something is changing into something.
it’s sustainability of life cycle
that repeat countless ages.
the matter sphere of the earth
has gravity to attract.
the universe has stronger
blackhole to attract.
when will the earth be eaten by this giant mystery?
this phenomenon of ineraction, formation, wearing and deterrioration, a cycle of life harmony
happen endlessly.
a particle of human, what a tiny scale?
though, human thinks problems are too big which are no problems at all.
the teleportation are all around
the visible or the invisible.

what matter is, no matter at all.

the joy of having a life to live is the pleasure to know how nature works and enjoying being part of it.

the emotional part of life is that it is no immortal.

the best God’s message is that eventually the souls will be free and the same types will gather again to interact harmoniously again..

the flesh, the materials, will be gone but the unseen magical existence that are beyond humans cognition
will go on.

my point to life is, it’s a process of filtering the unseen quality.

humans are under training to be a more stable immaterial souls.

nomatter what, we will meet with whom are of the near or same quality and will meet with the different types of immaterial to be polished into a better one.

so, human meets human for a reason.

this interaction will upgrade or degrade each other.

what matter is not to matter the wordly manners but to Godly manner to polish one’s immaterial growth.

please enjoy the study on gravity in this video

Thank you

Study on thrombosis

These days,
many vaccine news,
the keyword thrombosis triggered my curiosity.
I studied and learned the importance of the behavior in the life style having influence on the body health.

please watch the video before reading the followings.

  1. less movement, easier to suffer blood cloting.
  2. eating too much type of foods which prone to become blood cloting, easier to suffer thrombosis.
  3. injecting corona virus vaccine, when the body is weaken due to the above 1&2 issues, easier to cause side effect of blood cloting.

the opposite case,

  1. too much movement without enough rest, ending in rising white blood cell which leads to easier bleeding.
  2. eating too much type of foods which prone to become blood thinning, easier to suffer bleeding.
  3. injecting corona virus vaccine, when the body is weaken due to the above 4&5 issues, easier to cause side effect of bleeding.

the mechanism of vaccine:

the vaccine contains salt, sugar, cholesterol, various glycerol compounds, water and mRNA string of corona to produce antibody to prevent corona infection.

mRNA is a piece of the “spike protein” that is unique to SARS-CoV-2, it does not do any harm to the person vaccinated but it is antigenic.
After the piece of the spike protein is made, the cell breaks down the mRNA strand and disposes of them using enzymes in the cell. It is important to note that the mRNA strand never enters the cell’s nucleus or affects genetic material.
Once displayed on the cell surface, the protein or antigen causes the immune system to begin producing antibodies and activating T-cells to fight off what it thinks is an infection. These antibodies are specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which means the immune system is primed to protect against future infection.


once we get the injection, the blood start to produce blockerage to hinder the spread of the rma. similarly, the immune substances are released too. if our body is easier blood cloting type, high possibility to get side effect. but this side effect could be cured by medication.

to take vaccine, we must be healthy.
especially the body must be in a good metabolic cycle.

what we eat, how we behave physically have direct effect on our health, this fact sounds familiar?

but, the corona virus takes this opportunity of the body’s weak in metabolism and immunity systems,
make the difference in the severity between individuals.

simple tips to prepare the body to be tough enough to vaccine and infection, please refer the followings.

don’t sit long hours,
walk hourly interval,
drink water,
eat balanced foods to maintain normal metabolism and immunity,
less exposure to the virus environment,
keep the room temperature,
keep the room moisture above 60%,
sun bath,
mask to protect dry throat,
disinfect after every public contact,

remark: thesd are what i have learned and not the professional advice. please note that this post is just for reference info. purpose.

Please watch the thrombosis explanation, dos and don’ts in this video.

wish you all a good health.

Thank you.

Study on habituation

humans’ nature
reacts to the unknown
overthinking in fear
misunderstand to response
all are caused by the reason
of the insufficient perception,
by practising habituation
to the futuristic event
simulating the outcomes
when the time comes
the mind is complete
in perfectly steady..

may your challenges are simulated by habituation for the worst and prepare for the best to get a better decision habbit

Please enjoy the content of the habituation in this video

Thank you

Study on vision

All living and non-living things are part of the universe. We are all suspended in the radiation and atomic particles…We are seeing what we can see,,,, though there are many unknown and unseen universe out there near and around us…Our physical action caused by our flesh will have a great influence to the little universe around us. Similarly, our mental action caused by our soul also has a tremendous effect on all particles visible or invisible around us. That is why we should mind our actions and thoughts consciously as the guidance created by our Lord, who can see beyond our visuality. Please enjoy the topic of my study for today. Thank you.

Study on coincidences and miracles

How does coincidence occur and why? This fact triggers my curiosity and I studied it. Some coincidences are normal and happen commonly. But, very few coincidences are rare, and almost near miracles, happen to specific types of characters. Here, in this video, some findings on this study were shared for the purpose of studying how the invisible miracles are existing. Is it a mystic happening or the miracles? Please enjoy the melody and photos along with the summary. Thank you.

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