Souls melody

When the two souls’re approaching,
The air’s strong and windy,
As if the miracle’s gonna happens,
Face to face silent drawing near,
Until the wings stop to real,
At each moment, it’s tenser,
Can the gravity draw in to stir?
Amounting higher spirituality,
The angels would press to aspire,
To play the song of perfect romance,
Sending to the deepest grade,
Whether on earth or in heaven,
Soothing the moods to a pure shape,
A place to dwell to love in mind,
In the darkness and the daylight…

Please enjoy the poem with the violin sound

Thank you for watching

soul nutrition

heaven on earth
we do have
it’s up to our souls
the act of cherishing
our hearts
to the goals
to peace and love
to make a better planet

the knowledge of nourishing our bodies and souls are the basic to
be humane to save the humanity from the fear and uncertainties

the best time ever is having a completed state of body and soul
i.e. healthy strength physically and mentally achieved by sharing with the same soulmate

may your souls be free

Thank you

Decorate your mind

most perceptions
come from visions
but the mind
no clues to know
the smile the cover
the behavior the action
perception interprets
the near the bond
the similar the origin
the better perception
to each other’s mind
how lucky it will be
to have the mirror
of the mind reflection
imagine it as a room
how will you decorate
to cherish the humanity..

Please enjoy the song.
Thank you.

Spirit & Soul

in the media
of the atmosphere
many unseen
and unknown
mysterious existences
spirits and souls
too, wandering around
flying particles
but many negativities
to filter to positives
with the strong mindset
following the Leader
the almighty God

By thinking and acting compassionately, all the negativities will be corrected.

May you win yourselves in accumulating good deeds daily for the purity and maturity of the spirits.

Please enjoy the song. Thank you.

Devotion of the souls to sacred God

The Lord is always knowing us. Taking refuge in Him is the only escape from our daily suffering. Strengthen your souls in concentrating the mind on Him. Our souls are eternal. So why not make it powerful to rejoice in His kingdom? This video is about the expression of devotion to the holy spirit, God. Please enjoy the beautiful melody and may your soul be blessed. Thank you.

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