Harvest beauty

Many decorations are seen all around and the holiday’s mood is growing. It is a colorful and harvesting time to enjoy the fruits of year-long efforts. And the thanksgiving month is also getting nearer. The ancestors are leaving a warm culture to keep on practicing, such as recognizing the hard works and acknowledging the contributors for the good works. What kind of good and memorable culture are we going to pass along to the new generations? A safe planet or …
This video is to compose about the harvest beauty with a pleasant melody. Please enjoy. Thank you.


The verbs start by doing. Doing is an action. Action has an aim. Clear ambition leads to better results. This video is the simple thought of objectives for each action. In every action, safety first. Sometimes, emotions and passions keep us courageous. Calm and prudent action always has the surest outcome. After all, an act of righteous and loving-kindness is God’s way, which leads to the safest goal. Please enjoy the video and have a good relaxing time. Thank you…

How to make you smile

At the end of the day, making a video is a refreshment for me. Choosing words for lyric, sound effect selection, using the proper photo to collaborate well with the content, these seem so simple to do…but when thinking about how to be careful to be enjoyable as much as possible, all the decisions task is serious. Today’s topic is about thoughts before making this video. Please enjoy and be optimistic about your daily life. Thank you.

Social conscience thoughtful compassion

In times of many in need, the heroic deed of charity is valuable. An oasis in the desert, a kindness in despair, a way to the continuity for humanity. A careful act can be more than value. A consideration to wearing a mask, taking hygienic action in every exposure surrounding, contributing to non-infection cleanness, daily health tips, to build a stressless community, tips for mind nutrition, etc., there are many ways to help each other’s convenience. The poor in helping people are real poverty. Rich in understanding and helping each other is genuine wealth. Do you make someone be happy today? Please enjoy the lyric and melody to inspire the spirit of benevolence. Thank you.

Angel of mysteries

Miracles are happening around us most of the time by these busy angels. Raziel is one of them. He blesses us with a spark of an idea or perception beyond our abilities. If you ever got an idea all of a sudden, maybe He was there? Do you ever have such an experience? Mysteries are mysterious as they are invincible, but do show power upon humans in a mysterious way to solve the problems. Please enjoy the video and wish you a blessing from all the good angels. Thank you.


Rare affinity to meet, so when you find it, don’t miss it. Affinity is a kind of chemical or spiritual or genetical attractions caused by unseen reactions. Treasure the encountering of the miracles happening in our daily lives. Different from ancient time, the internet or digital miracles also happening around us. The choices to study mind nutrition also are abundant. With the help of many creativities, it could make this beautiful poem song video. Creations are born from the creations. We are in a rich world to enjoy communication in various ways. Please enjoy it. Thank you.


What we are is what we think, act and attract? To achieve the goal, we need to be attractive for what we like to attract? Every day is a challenge to be a better self but not every effort is fruitful. Improvement to be attractive to the destination is demanded in daily basis. If what we can attract is what we want, it’s goal in? Wish you many lucks and happiness. Thank you…

The grace vouchsafe

All the moral powers are gathering in divine places. There are many blessings unseen God’s radiation in the form of saints all around the faithful prayers. This video is dedicated to the good saints listening to the prayers of the despairs and the warriors of lives. Trying to be obedient to the holy teachings, could give us the divine power and the miracles which are beyond our powers. So keep the faith and spread love to those around you. May the earth be filled with graceful acts of kindness and generosity. Amen.

the unchanged chain of truth

Finding the eternal heaven on earth
Never will we find it.
Reaching out to the illusions
Nothing will we serve.
Minding faults and blaming
Solutions won’t be solved.
Denying the reality
Fortifying the sovereignty
What is the priority?
It’s to mind the psychology
How to deal with metamorphosis.
Perception of the almighty
The unchanged melody
Of the universe…
Where there is the law of eternity

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