God’s idea of nature’s relay

Watching day turns to night and night turns to day, God’s idea of relay is known.
Watching the clouds and the dew drops, God’s idea of relay is known.
Watching the sun light cause s evaporation, God’s idea of relay is known.
Stop and think….

yes, all are in a circulating relay..

i.e. God created everything with a perfect recirculation system,,

He never miscalculated to set all the creations harmoniously.

The perfect example to learn to practise His recirculation machine is the way to success and to cheer His will.

May you get the precious hint to your insight for the utmost destination…


True and rare identity

When you find the real identity of rare one, it’s miracle. Such kind of surprising blessing is happening to only the endurance and the powerless. Praying and believing in God, the impossible thing could turn into possible one. The good action draws the good energy and the good saviors will be blessed to the true hearts. Train the mind and be true heart by being kind and passionate.
The video is the poem for the real passionate hearts. Please enjoy it. Thank you.

Inspiration for confidence

There are many distractions when approaching to the goal. The better the goal, the higher the hurdle, the more the distractions. Without the strength in faith spiritually, there could be the weary emotions. To keep on self believing is to keep faith in God. The better the aims in prayers, the more God will care. To do good deeds, the unwavering spirit is essential. And to believe in God that He will bless those who are trying to save and help the weak, to make a better place. Be courageous, if you are strong and you know you could power up others’ lives. The brave humans are kind and that they are God’s saviors.

Emotion of being cared

A care to those who are struggling, a care to those who are weak, a care to the minorities’ voices, a care to those who are in solitudes are noble acts of humanity. But everyone has very limited freedom to care for others. Only when they are lucky enough to encounter the blessings, they start to care. What happens when being cared for? The spirits are high and the souls are free. Those who care the most are those who are being cared for most. Those who never been cared for don’t know how to care. So why not make an effort on caring for each other more and more to make a better planet?
This video is to express the emotion of being cared for and the outflow of the heart to care in return. Please enjoy. Thank you.

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