The necessity

the real you

‘ve seen by the sadness
‘ve seen by the happiness

without you
there would be no emotion
only silent space

‘ve seen all the reality
‘ve seen the tears
‘ve seen the smiles

without you
there would be only space

‘ve seen all glamerous
‘ve seen all difficulties
still see everything is as beautiful

without you
there would be nothingness

‘ve seen a whole life
‘ve seen goods and bads
either way you are patient

without you
there would be no kindness
an without you there would be no you
to observe the life

please enjoy the poem with the melody in this video

thank you

Everyone deserves respect…

These days, much news on hatred or hate, many uncertainties here and there. This video is to honor all on earth, God’s creations are to care and love. Please spread love and kindness. Don’t let our illusions or imaginations blind us from seeing the reality of all the beauty inside. Inner beauty is the most unseen and rarest. Why not share our mind and soul to heal those around us? Be positive. Be forgivable. Be kind. Please enjoy the video of mindfulness in righteousness. Thank you.

Sorry for typos… don’t mock the camels for their humps…:)

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