Beautiful Sigh of Relief

Beautiful Sigh of Relief

This is the best wanderlust
To cruise along the cliffs
This is the bless-upon-bless
That kept appearing beyond the arms 
Toward the horizon..

The one vast refuge for the tired heart
The glimmering sweet memory
The beautiful and revealed sigh
A relife reliable religion to breath
Toward a splendid dream..

Please enjoy the poem of the sentiment toward a relife in an only refuge

In life, we, humans are struggling everyday to make a living, a helping hand, a warm heart, a refuge place, a sweet smile, are all the best

May your days be filled with loves and hopes

Thank you

Nobel mind

Between humans
Experiences to share
Valuable notion
Of nobility feeling
Subtiles perception zone
Research more and more
To show humans’ nature
To build beautiful mind
Roles to perform
Hopes to cure
Making a loving lesson
Fill the earth with tenderness
Tame all to love each other
A better visions of creations
Bold to control
The strong relation
Amongst mankind
The light guidance
Of your intelligence
Expecting from all..

Please enjoy the Nobel mind’s elegance and beauty.
May your hearts be soft and gentle to brighten the days to give hopes to all..
Thank you

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