Once the way now the woods

Once the way
In the woods
Through the times
Changed to woods
Once the woods
On the earth
Through centuries
Transformed to Homes
Once the failure
In the vains
Through many efforts
Made a success
Once the great
In the big
Through many advantages
Weaken owns strength

The natural phenomenon
Of transformation
Repeating and repeating
Taking turns on and off

The earth is breathing, too..

Please enjoy the earth poem in this video

Thank you

My personal quest by Patricia A.F

For most of my life, I’ve been on a quest
To discover just who I might be,
Earnestly searching, day after day,
So desperate to recognize me.

I’ve felt moments of utter fulfillment
And moments I couldn’t go on,
But I knew for the sake of my heart and my soul,
To succeed, I would have to be strong.

But the people around me seemed so lost themselves
That I feared I might be on my own.
But then there’d be someone who would reach out and help
And remind me I wasn’t alone.

I’ve wanted so much to be happy,
To know what it was to feel peace,
And I thought if I finally felt sure of myself,
Then the pain and the struggles would cease.

But I’ve learned that this journey is endless;
The discoveries are fresh every day,
And no matter how much I might know of myself,
They’ll be times I will still lose my way.

And as I’ve grown older, I truly believe
I may never know all I can be.
But the answers are not waiting out in the world
But have always laid right inside me.

We’re all on this quest to discover ourselves,
Together but through our own ways,
Overcoming whatever might get in our paths,
So we can feel better someday.

But always remember not to stray far
From what matters and what’s really true.
In this life you don’t have to be perfect.
In the end, you just have to be you.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/my-personal-quest

please enjoy the video version poem via this link

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Passion to love is humanity’s heal for hatred

spread love throughout the mind
spread love around the house
spread love all around near and far
spread love over the planet
spread love throughout the universe

everyone’s fighting for foods
everyone’s fighting for a living
everyone’s fighting for tomorrows
everyone’s fighting for freedom
everyone’s fighting for humans’ rights

todays the spirit of saviors and selfless kindness is the most rarest and essential of all

may love be with you

thank you

Ubuntu spirit of Africa to learn about humanity

Ubuntu is a term meaning “humanity”. It is sometimes translated as “I am because we are” (also “I am because you are”),or “humanity towards others”. In a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

Although the most popular name referring to the philosophy today is Ubuntu (Zulu language, South Africa), it has several other names in other Bantu languages.

Ubuntu is often presented in short statements called maxims by Samkange (1980).

  • Motho ke motho ka batho (Sotho/Tswana). A person is a person through other people.
  • Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (Zulu). A person is a person through other people.
  • Umntu ngumntu ngabantu (Xhosa). A person is a person through other people
  • Munhu munhu nevanhu (Shona). A person through other people.
  • Ndiri nekuti tiri (Shona). I am because we are.

Please enjoy the video version for the study on African Ubuntu spirit.

We can learn how beautiful the spirit of Africans is..

Thank you

Study of mysterious Karma, #What we live for and destined for our daily lives

Types of Karma

  1. Collective karma is the yield of karma after experiencing and overcoming stages of karma.
  2. Karma of the time is the time sharing the similar karma like pandemic etc. in all over the world.
  3. Karma of a place is the karma of a region, state and country.
  4. Karma of a family is a karma what you call DNA.
  5. Karma of an individual is a self cause and effect karma.

Nobody can analyze karma.
Just live the life and do the duty to move on.
Keep moving ahead with love in the heart and with prayer in the heart.
Just drop everything and have this firm faith and belief that all the Karmas have been cleansed.
There is no balance that remains to be cleared anymore.
Ultimately, all Karma is Karma, that’s it. That is why it is said that the ways of Karma are mysterious and unfathomable. 
You cannot understand the depth of karma, it is so vast. 
Know that you have the power to do it and just do it.
Open your mind to the vastness of this universe.
But just one thing to make sure is that every individual is responsible for one’s cause and effect.

Please check out the study summary on karma in this video.

Thank you.

If We Had But A Day by Mary LD

We should fill the hours with the sweetest things,
If we had but a day;
We should drink alone at the purest springs
In our upward way;
We should love with a lifetime’s love in an hour,
If the hours were few;
We should rest, not for dreams, but for fresher power
To be and to do.

We should guide our wayward or wearied wills
By the clearest light;
We should keep our eyes on the heavenly hills,
If they lay in sight;
We should trample the pride and the discontent
Beneath our feet;
We should take whatever a good God sent,
With a trust complete.

We should waste no moments in weak regret,
If the day were but one;
If what we remember and what we forget
Went out with the sun;
We should be from our clamorous selves set free,
To work or to pray,
And to be what the Father would have us be,
If we had but a day.

please enjoy a day worth living

thank you

The color of spring

hopes will never fade away
since the souls are forever
to repeat again and again
until they are full-blooms

to those who are in the winter field..
never forget the inspiration from
the first spring story of rebirths

we, humans are here on earth not to gain and attain, but to bear the pain and maintain the spirit of genesis as it is..

please enjoy the beauty of the color of the spring in this video

thank you

The most essential thing for the sustainability of the ecosystem

who is better ?
who is winner?
no one

every living on earth has its own purpose to contribute the harmony of the ecosystem

every living thing is sacrificing its freedom in anyway to contribute the cycles of life

no guilt as long as it’s God’s will

but it’s a broken contribution if it’s against the perfect harmony..

what is humanity’s goal?
foods for tomorrow ?
foods for many generation?
how many generations will continue to live healthily?

dying fast has more dignity than having full bags of guilty foods..

though, dignity means nothing for the universe

just a burst or bubble of life, on this earth in this Solar System was created as a result of the extreme event of an exploding star nearly five billion years ago

but life is a matter of living and suffering and struggling against eternity of the universe

what’s sustainability?
is making a living a commit guilt to sustainability?
what is green?
what’s CO2?
what’s O2?
what matters?

humans are punishing and killing each other to keep a living which is to sustain
but the punishing and killing itself is not a sustainability

as long as a snake completes its duty, no measure is required to aware sustainability

though pests are no pests for ecosystem but humans call them pests..

but it’s the end when there is a greedy living thing..
the end of sustainability..

if the sustainability ends,
humanity’s over,
is it the end of the struggling?
is it just a run away or giving up to strive to keep humanity on earth?
so if this is so, a pile of treasure for the next next generation is just a pile of no owners..

making a living is simple,
but it’s complicated to sustain,
but the only way to sustainability is simple,
but the hottest burning on earth is just a simple EGO to eternity of a thirst to wellbeings,


please enjoy the philosophical and psychological cycles of EGOs

may you find peace of mind in your hearts and it’s a Godly thing if there’s a spark of kindness and egoless caring mentality from the bottom of your souls

may love sustains our peace of mind

thank you

what will disappear from this planet when deceasing begins

may all our actions and reactions be harmless to our surroundings directly and indirectly

may all people’s voices of difficulties be heard and answered

heating the fire is not the way to distinguish the heat of anger

may there be love in every action and reaction..

helping the weaks is called dignity

please watch the video here to learn why this planet is now filled with many tragedies..

nature’s phenomenon, it’ll happen, it’ll end, it’ll begin again, will be broken and deceased again to form as a new planet again..

ref from book: innocent controversies
ref from book: innocent controversies

may you find spiritual freedom whenever you stuck in difficulties

thank you

What causes people to get angry?

We, humans have been through many difficulties and even suffering the unceasing pandemic crises..

We, humans are really getting weaker and weaker to cope with the unexpected daily problems..

We, humans are even losing temper and falling in the struggles..

We, humans are preys of anger, though we like to love a lot and enjoy a peaceful day..

What is wrong with humans?
May be we lose hope and faith in each other..
But, the only choice for humanity is love..
Though, humans have no place to love independently?
But, anger, fear and stress are no better than love but love is replaced by hatred most of the time..
May love be with you..

please enjoy the anger management video here..

Anger management tips:

Think before speak.
Once calm, express anger.
Get some exercise.
Take a timeout.
Identify possible solutions.
Stick with ‘I’ statements.
Don’t hold a grudge.
Use humor to release tension.
Practice relaxation skills.
Know when to seek help.

thank you

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