Quotes on reflection

How to become more reflective?

You can become more reflective by journaling, meditating, and just taking time to think more about life and how you live. I hope these quotes about reflection and growth have inspired you to take more time for yourself.

Research has shown that reflecting on what you’re grateful for makes you happier. But the reflecting on what we’re given encourages us to help people more.

Self reflection is also a critical part of success in addiction treatment. A study found that people who reflected on their past diaries participated more in their treatments.

In other words, they committed more action towards making progress in their life. If this works for people who struggle with the tough challenge of overcoming an addiction, imagine what it can do for you in just trying to improve yourself.

Ref. Antimaximalist by Eric

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A new way of survival

In the ancient times
Vegetables are money
Meats are money
People share foods
People sing and dance everyday
A simple system to survive

Money can’t buy the basic necessities for some people…
People need pension in old age
People need many facilities to be accessible world wide web..
People need to go to a very far places…
People need to learn and update new skills occasionally…
Nothing is free now…everything has value…even a piece of dust…
Disparities worst of all time..
There are borders all over the places that people can’t go anywhere in case of emergency but at the decided address called home…
The system..the simple system of give and take is not working for the poor now..e.g. A labour worth of 10 is paid only 0.001?
A survival environment is owned by someone?
Birds can cross the border but no humans…
Birds can eat free without having anything but humans can’t…
Though some menmade crops are netted to protect from birds…TT
Humans seem don’t know a good survival way of simplicity..

A simple give and take fairly system is the door back to the real wealth…

The real wealth is to survive without the need to have anything but a fair give and take.

The size of freedom and belonging to the primitive people is the whole universe…

Humans nowadays..the size of a home is all they have………

Many barriers that need to pay everywhere…no wonder inflation is going on…

A stone at day one 1
A stone at day two 2
Someone got 1
A stone at day three 3
Someone got 1
A stone at day four6
Someone paid 6 for stone of value 1
A stone at day five
It worth 10 already…
The game of making things getting more and more expensive is what the earthlings called humans are playing…
The possessiveness and greediness pave the way to an unattractive survival environment…

Why one nation is rich and another not? But the same humans and the same earth they live in. Why the nations’ currencies value are lowered by the outside influences? It seems like people don’t understand a simple give and take.

Time to reset to a free world of equal chances to survive…by overhaul to a new way of gives and takes I.e.sharing goods and foods in a peaceful and smarter way….

May the world finds its way back to the real healthy and wealthy environment.

Please watch the video of ancient vs. Nowadays.

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Illusions? Real?

There is a place

In the heart, there’s a spirit

And the soul raises its fantasies

Take a fly to the sky

On our mind to be free

All the thoughts and dreams will bloom in glory

And the memories to keep in this poetry

Forever and ever will flow through

The sentimental magic moment here

The thoughts code pleasures away

Flowing through the veins

Making joyous plane

A greeting from miles away

God’s voices will bring all back together

Peace Love and share

Humanity’s victory

In the land of unity

A new hope is born

Freedom in the kingdom of fantasy

In all illusions

Gather for purityIn a land called fantasy

Loving life for you and me

Bless the best to the souls

To find the destiny

To search of the pure fantasy

Know that hopes are ways

Play to the best days

Fantasy is everywhere

Glowing light inside youIt’s your turn to bright

As you light through every heart

Give a smile to every one

On the way to salvation

Always keep the fantasy

To keep on shining life

May you find the right path

To the fantasy of the heart

Know it’s time to renew…


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