Arts transformation

sentiment of artists
emotional arts
weaving the imagination
by the real misery
and the real reflection
thousands of stories
countless copies created
many still unveiled
unsaid unfold masterpieces
hidden secret of truth
the door to artists
is the perception depth
of how they see the world

may the arts of cherishing humanity
kindness and love last as far as
the artists go

please enjoy the artists’ passionate
styles photos with music

Thank you

The price of the picture

A masterpiece
Start by a canvas
An ink of colors
With the brushes
A sentiment mind
Of a master painter

Drops of images
Derived from inner
Drain and soak
Into the thick cloth
A model stand still
The brushes dance

Free from everything
Painting is liberty
Wild illusions into colors
Searching for the destiny
To express the unseen
Into a masterpiece

What is the price?
What is the aim?
Expression of what?
To whom will it concern?
Where to keep it?
Someone’s emotions…

Please enjoy the pictures with the melody

Thank you

the forever sustainable love theory

love can save the world

love is sustainable

love wins

love is everything

when there is no love but ego and vows…

what will happen?

the forever sustainable love theory will be broken…

the beginning of the end to everything..

remember, people are born by the loving parents

only love will bring a new born life

please enjoy the win-win theory in details from this video

may the living stream flows sustainablely..

Thank you

A new generation

humanity awareness

mathematical singularity:
zero or infinity level
eg. topology under researching
physical singularity:
quantum level in progress
eg. super computing in progress
biological singularity:
dna & cell level surveillance
eg. vaccine in development
astrophysical singularity:
black hole
eg. matter distorted and compressed
social singularity:
historical dynamic changes level
eg. digital transformation in progress
information singularity:
anywhere anytime anything is under surveillances level
eg. 6G speed network in progress
technological singularity:
augmented brain surveillance level
eg. AI in progress

everything, everyone is smarter
more disagreement and rebel
more uncertainties
extreme disparity

most digital literates are beneficial

how to care those who are genetically have non digital literate ability…

please see the new generation voices towards the progressing of the singularity

Thank you

Primitive life

Thinking of living withouts
Really need the courage
Since all the body and cells
Evolved with times and habits
We lost the tails
We lost the third eyes
Legs and hands get smaller
Exposure to the wild
Being weaker creatures
Compared to the other living things
Humans searching for the manuals
How to be humans for years
Ending creating the augments
Dependency real in things
What really matter is
Dependency to each other…
All are parts of the universe
I will be at peace
Only when my spirit
Fly to the outerspace
Because i am weak on earth…

Please enjoy the feeling back to the primitive life in this video.

Environmental awareness video

Thank you

Winter mood

Melancholy blue..

Winter mood
Uncertainty peak
Fear glares
Despair inside
Amid of pandemic
Hysteria sick
Unstable ground
Bound strongly
Floating flows
Unintentional wind
Heading to chaos
Struggling folks
How to go on
Make a living
Worries pile up
Bursting tears
End in neglected
Dream in illusions…

Is it caused by the cold weather?
Is it the result of the unfairness?

May all the people’s hope be saved.
May all the people’s relieved from pandemic stress.
May all the people’s families are safe and sound.
May all the people stay the lives to have all the basic necessities.
May happiness be with you.

It’s hurt to see many people are suffering…
To reflect the happening of the people is not easy to be their voices where there is nowhere to go to…
Knowing some people are going to drown…the melting of the ice is tickling…
Isn’t there anything we can do to mend the broken of the certainty, lives basic ensurance..?

Mind nutrition point,

Help someone today and be proud of your will feel stronger by giving an arm…

Please watch the state of mind alarming fear in this video.
Thank you.

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