Illusions? Real?

There is a place

In the heart, there’s a spirit

And the soul raises its fantasies

Take a fly to the sky

On our mind to be free

All the thoughts and dreams will bloom in glory

And the memories to keep in this poetry

Forever and ever will flow through

The sentimental magic moment here

The thoughts code pleasures away

Flowing through the veins

Making joyous plane

A greeting from miles away

God’s voices will bring all back together

Peace Love and share

Humanity’s victory

In the land of unity

A new hope is born

Freedom in the kingdom of fantasy

In all illusions

Gather for purityIn a land called fantasy

Loving life for you and me

Bless the best to the souls

To find the destiny

To search of the pure fantasy

Know that hopes are ways

Play to the best days

Fantasy is everywhere

Glowing light inside youIt’s your turn to bright

As you light through every heart

Give a smile to every one

On the way to salvation

Always keep the fantasy

To keep on shining life

May you find the right path

To the fantasy of the heart

Know it’s time to renew…



Imaginary vs. Reality
Originality vs. Creativity

Imaginary and creativity are abundant in various possibility in appearance.

Originality and reality are limited.

That’s why disney is more popular than the zoo.

But the wildlife is a part of our ecosystem.

Popularity vs. Necessity

We are living with necessity and enjoying with fantasy make up of popularity.

This is the thought of Mindfulness about the bears.

Truth about the bears

Loved by humans when they are in captive.

Afraid by humans when they are in freedom of the wild forest.

Adored and favored by humans, the replica of them.

Does it mean, a doll is adored, captivity is safe, freedom is not free?

Please enjoy the pictures and the sound. Thank you.

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