poem for the rain

where are we
in the rain
searching for the destiny
pattering drops of rain
making beautiful rhythms
there’s thunder roaring
the howling windy noise
all wet and weary
swaying recklessly
the scenery pale and gray
the spell of Eudora..
oh, rainbow
please bridge me
to my goal

please enjoy the rain with the good melody in this video

Thank you

don’t mind the rain

don’t mind the rain
because it will never fall forever
if we are strongly rooted
firmly altogether in harmony
peace love and compassion
nothing can take us away
what matter is the day
after the heavy rain
look up in the sky
to find the beautiful rainbow
that God had planned
to make up the day better
yes, may be we are soaking
in the drops of drops of rains
but the very warm sunny
will wrap you and dry you
to make life back to normal

please enjoy the song of a new day with the rain poem

may this planet is healthy back to normal again

Thank you for watching

a poem in the rain

a poem in the rain
soothing cool
in the atmosphere
in the mind
a moment of life
that a heaven grant
to allow all to live
the survival moisture
the blood that need
to live on forever

please enjoy the rain poem in this video

do you have something to enjoy during rainy period? may you find many special ways to enjoy life

Thank you

Rain-giver: Jupiter Pluvius

there’s a saying
Rain-giver is Jupiter Pluvius
but in the bibles
The creator God
is the One

Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who sends the thunderstorms. He gives showers of rain to all people, and plants of the field to everyone.
Zechariah 10:1

Indeed, God brings the rain, literally but also figuratively. And that rain can be good and bad.
Matthew 5:45

please enjoy rainy photos with pleasant melody

Thank you

mind reflection

the mind
is a reflection
of the inside.
the emotion
is a reaction
to the outside.
we can’t change
the environment.
we can change
the mindset.
how we think
influence selves.
how we percept
is optimism
when are fine.
so besure to
wear the glass
of happiness

please enjoy the video of how the mind is differ conditionally

Thank you

How to escape from the moody mind condition

This video is to express the moody state of mind, and the pictures were selected to portray the darkness of such a mental condition. In the uncertainty’s time and the vulnerable weather in the storm season, the rush and protection mentality is peak. Mistakes and weakness are gaining in power to control our conscious mind. When the sky is grey, it’s a moody day. Yes, by knowing how we are preys to the rain, we can prepare our mind on how to enjoy and excited about it like innocent children to avoid the moody mind. We can prepare not to be in despair. That is, if we simulate the mind for any trouble in advance, we could escape from the mentally damaging or moody state of mind. So, be prepared for any disasters or worries or problems. Please enjoy the music and the pictures. Thank you.

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