How to end poverty

“The poor labor has to make ends meet with only $95 ($13.6/person) monthly although $510 is the basic requirement amount for the family of four. ”

Excerpt From
Exploring Centuries By chatGPT and history analysis
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Influence of frequency on virus and bacteria

Virus and bacteria are inactivated in high frequency range of ultrasound and visible light.

The planet we are living today is full of dangerous frequency activities and happenings.

Most of the humans are being treated in the negative frequency behaviors.

The less love and positivity around us will lead to more of virus and bacteria.

The less clean air will be if more of the negative and dangerous frequencies are releasing.

To win the viral and bacterial hazards, our planet must clean its messy frequencies that make them stronger.

please check the experiment abstract in this video on the study of Virus inactivation at high frequency ultrasound in combination with visible light.

ref: 2013study

May the mind and action be clean with positivity.
May the environment be filled with the habitable atmosphere.

Healthy habitable environment awareness video

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Words of positivity

how positive you are?

to be positive
need to forgive
then neglect
change the mindset
do something

but when there are too much negativities around and stressful,
write down the anger in the paper
and throw away the negative emotion

though nobody can stay away from negativity since only a few people have the positive mindset

so, please treasure those who are positive

i am glad i have many positive people around me here

Thank you

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