Dedication to those who are trying for the equality

Awareness of the inequalities

Aren’t we focusing too much on the problems?

Why don’t we find the honorable people who are activists in the leadership to solve the problems?

Many great people are trying to justify the problems, providing the solutions to solve the problems and even sacrificing their lives. The more they have chances to make a better world, the less inequalities will be. Let’s cherish the lighters of the world rather than blaming which lead to no solutions…

The more we value and treasure these great honorable people who are saviors of this humanity, the more brighter this planet will be.

Prayers that may the inequalities problems be fixed and may everyone has a brighter future ahead..

Honorable are those who share the solutions, the loving kindness and contributions to the harmonious sustainability to all.

Solutions than pointing blames
Sharing than selfish aims
Everything is possible
Everyone can be hopeful
If we, humans ever have the mindset of the agape love, there is nothing humanity will fail…?

Why do humanity fail in most of the problems?
It’s the ego that block the way to every solution to every problem..

Honorable are those who are egoless and always making efforts to change this planet to a better place..

I pay my dedication to those who are doing good deeds and my honors to those who are providing the solutions and the salvations. May you be more prosperous and successful to contribute the community.

May there be many more saviors on earth..

Please enjoy the video and be stimulated to do more efforts for the mankind.

Thank you.

Study on habituation

humans’ nature
reacts to the unknown
overthinking in fear
misunderstand to response
all are caused by the reason
of the insufficient perception,
by practising habituation
to the futuristic event
simulating the outcomes
when the time comes
the mind is complete
in perfectly steady..

may your challenges are simulated by habituation for the worst and prepare for the best to get a better decision habbit

Please enjoy the content of the habituation in this video

Thank you

Happy St. Patrick’s day

the emerald green
the color appealing
the rich and elegent
of natural velvet
all around the world
today must be special..
what day is it?
happy events
delicious foods
all painted green
St. Patrick’s green
commemorates day
of Saint Patrick
the arrival of Christianity
heritage in Ireland
to celebrates the culture
public parades
and festivals, céilís
the wearing of green
attire or shamrocks

please enjoy the emerald beauty in this video

Thank you

Dedication to all the mothers

in the arms of mother nature
we are wrapping infants
sometimes mother is kind
sometimes she is strict
sometimes she is angry
sometimes she is sweet
we grow up her ways
mother is a living life
connecting generations
as long as mother loves
life goes on….
as long as we cherish her
life is easy….

Please send love to your mothers every day.

Please enjoy the mothers’ love photos.
Thank you.

Happiness theater

the happiness theater
a theater of thoughts
today opens as usual
daily reflection of the era
the goods and the bads
screen rolling on and on
speaking words unheard
unfolding truth of reality
diary to share remind
the awareness beauty
the natural phenomena
the eternal applauses
approach to His highness
to the light performance
agape God’s wishes
humanity trapped in veils
failing to abide the wishes
the agape God’s will

this theater goes on

may you find the truth of real happiness…

Please enjoy the poems with happy melody.

Thanks to the artists who enrich the pictures and the sounds.

Thank you.

cycles of life

the earth of God
starts with flowers
continuously maintain
by the humans
cultivation of the nature
alixir made ready
for the remedy of lives
thanks to cycles of life
harmonically butoning
the sweetness nutrition
the foods for God
sharing treasures of heaven
to the immortality
virtuous taste flowing
to the veins of holy spirit

may the sacred mind in you glorify another mind to be sanctified

Please enjoy the video.

There is always Tomorrow

overwhelmed by the past
the strains’ wreckage
stress the earth todays
besides these games
natural stress burden
of the vulnerable hits
nowhere to spare
strikes and despair
unsolvable systems
many hopeless out there
it’s time to change
the game of the earth
starting from the mind
to the hopeful days

when nothing’s work, it’s time to change the game

may there be a hopeful light for all

Please enjoy the video.
Thank you.


the dreams
every dream
realize one day
when courage
when faith
when effort
never blocked
by the negativity,
watching spring
new flowers
what do you see?
i see nature
ground turn to garden
a magical life
energy to live
inspiration of soul
the mindset
to continue…

hope the positivity grow in every mind after every negativity of winter…

may the truth and reality are admired as its nature with no biased perception…

may your dreams come true.

Thank you.

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