Nobody’s perfect…

Thinking to be meaningful
Thinking to be perfect
But nobody’s perfect
God created diversity well balanced
The system cuts everybody into
the robotic machine…
That’s why now under threat by the robots…
We are building a world of machines
Where humans are living
Still struggling for another vaccines
Because the machine won’t help…

This is to express how humans fail nature and environment welfare…

Thank you for watching the humanity’s awareness video.

There is no personal and identities intention. It’s a reflection of the happening around the globe…

Thank you for understanding.

symmetrical beauty

symmetrical beauty
vastly show the same
reflect what is on the line
a true copy of a masterpiece
the pictures reflect well
only on days of no wind
harmony and tranquility
a must condition required
nothing to judge
when there is a misty scene
nothing to say
when there is a cloudy scene
for the perfect nature
that brighten the air
a reflection of the existence
on its dwelling own ground

Please watch the beautiful photos and listen to the sound effect.
Thank you.

The original resources

Scenic slow life
Full of natural happiness
Having abundant time
To care and festive
No rush hours
But the sweat works
Which build healthiness
Everything has a meaning
To its existence
With time evolutions
Better and worse
Cause the classes
Those who don’t evolve
Those who evolve
The fact makes me doubt
What is the cause
Of today’s polarity…
Convenience sometimes
Become the most reason of inconvenience…

Please enjoy the ancient richness lesiures.
Thank you.

A bless of light

The light
It goes everywhere
To shine on to hopes
To all the sleeping towns
Awakening of lucks
To strike with holy blessings
Transfering to the Godly glory
Power up the story
To a prosperous days

Please enjoy the light of mind poem.
If we are pure in the mind, the blessing of God will lit our lives shining more to be the good saviors to lend more of our hands to all in needs…May your heart be bright and your mind be filled with happiness and wealth..

Thank you.

Importance of roles play

Looking back
Finding cracks
Righteous trashed
There were ideals
Ideas revealed
Rejected flee
Real ego deals
Growing real
Nonstop wheels
Rolling angrily
Roles play navi
Guiding engine
Make it turning
Steering to wellness
To humanity’s goal
Team humans
Some groups are
Too good
Some groups are
Too loose
How to choose
The same goal?

Please enjoy the philosophy of the original concept of idealism, realism and materialism…
May steerings remind the original goals to approach..
Thank you.
This video is about the philosophy expression. No personal or individuals intention. Thank you for your understanding.

The great conjunction

Jesus Christ’s return
Welcome Him heartly
It’s great polarity division
Check the zodiac to prepare
Welcome Him with a better you

Those not well prepared…
There are negative declare
So beware

To me,
I think this great conjunction means
the salvation time.
A warning of war and neglect to the people who are struggling for the daily foods…
If we humans upset Him, disaster awaits.

God’s strong message to save humanity to be humane.

Let’s pray and help each other.
Let’s pray and love humanity.

Harmony to prevail on earth again…

Please enjoy the conjunction imagination in this video.

Thank you.

May God bless the earth planet.
May we understand His important message.
May we fill the righteousness in every hungry doors..

The call of the dawn

When day and night takes turns
The ticking tocking mounting anxious
The last minutes of each dark & night
The walls changes their colors
The floors shifts to variations
Wrapping in the changes uncertainty
Hypnotic moment to fall asleep
Driftic time to rise to greet the sun
Another dawn another day born
Wish all your worries gone…
For a new day will carry all the songs

Please enjoy the video.
Thank you.

May your days be bright and night be dark. We are not to against the nature but to obey the law of God..

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