A moment..of loss to rapture

Unreal Rapture

In the depth of agony,

Fulls of torture and pain,

Many tedium days of ennui,

What’s beyond the irksomeness?

The ecstasy to transport bliss,

A ravishment of delight

An exchanging of a life

For a spark of rapture..

Budda’s words said that the real rapture is the selfless donation ..and the love of being kind..

These days, many irksomeness found here and there creating restless stresses

To cope with the burdens of pain, a change of perception is required, for example, if one’s lose one’s treasure to someone’s ill treatement, fake the mind as a donation to those in needs..

At last, the losses goes into someone’s mouth as foods or ….

A tree with good shades always got flocks of flyings..

Give and forgive to a higher self..

please enjoy this poem in the video version

thank you

A mindset to freedom

we humans are always wanting to be cared and loved.

in reality, humans have different lives conditions and hardly match each other’s needs.

we humans are always trapped in the rules of society and forced to think that way which is impossible.

the more we rely on other’s sympathy and kindness, the more we are captured in despair.

we must put our attention to the mind of our own and think different way to release from social influences.

we should be content in the current situation and stay out of distractions.

by doing so, we may have more of our times to think and enjoy the freedom.

alone time will make us see more of ourselves and improve our bodies and souls.

philosophical point:

alone is freedom not solitude that we need to be more focus and concentrated.

only at this time of freedom, we start to realize what we think bad is not that bad, and what we crave of is not that good.

we can be free from the embarrassment and emotional stress.

then, we will find the truth in freedom.

we are seriously in need of the filter that will keep us stable and healthy.

wishing you will find the truth beyond the horizon of solitude.

the everlasting love…

please enjoy this video to feel the little freedom of inspiration.

Thank you.

problems are no problems

the mindset
problems are no problems
fear is no fear
happiness is no happiness
doubt is no doubt

all are humans’ illusions
due to the lack of confidence
due to the lack of ability

having solution minds no problems

having courage minds no fear

having contentment minds no happiness

having faith minds no doubt

it’s all about the mindset to control daily emotional chaos and stressful mentality

please enjoy the song of no problems

Thank you

mind reflection

the mind
is a reflection
of the inside.
the emotion
is a reaction
to the outside.
we can’t change
the environment.
we can change
the mindset.
how we think
influence selves.
how we percept
is optimism
when are fine.
so besure to
wear the glass
of happiness

please enjoy the video of how the mind is differ conditionally

Thank you

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