Infinite words builders…

The art of authors…
The art of poets…
They like to express
The heart of authors
The heart of poets
They like to create

What they think…
What they write…
There are no limits
Fictions or non-fictions
All types of stories
All beauties in them

But nobody sees the author’s mind…
But nobody feels the poet’s mind…
How they build the words out there
How they get the hint somewhere
Weaving words so hard
Thinking out so smart

Miracles of masterpieces…
When can they create them is
Nobody knows until they show
The greatest words of bold
Till we behold the published sold
With all the good stories are told

Sharing Thoughts

Happy new year ‘2020’. I decided to write a book and hope to publish within this year. Writing is such a good way to share thoughts. Writing communications and books are our mind nutrition. This blog will be mostly updated weekly. Please enjoy my writing journey updates, my thoughts and random topics to share with all of you. Thank you for visiting the site.

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