Finding self in serenity

Wandering and Wandering

my mind is drifting

flown away flown away

my mind is floating

calling back calling back

my mind is blank

come again come again

my mind is calming

throw away throw away

the hatreds and dull mind today

training and training

my mind is concentrating

praying and praying

my mind is staying in serene

focusing and focusing

my mind in the God’s divine

No war but Love

We are war with our daily stress bowl in our own mind with positive and negative thoughts. How can we be at peace with other when we are pressured by our own imagination of doubts and weary beliving? First, win our own wars inside our head to conquer the world with peaceful acts.
Here are some famous quotes on peace in the video. Please enjoy and win the irritated inner mind and be patient with any struggles ahead of us. Thank you.

How to escape from the moody mind condition

This video is to express the moody state of mind, and the pictures were selected to portray the darkness of such a mental condition. In the uncertainty’s time and the vulnerable weather in the storm season, the rush and protection mentality is peak. Mistakes and weakness are gaining in power to control our conscious mind. When the sky is grey, it’s a moody day. Yes, by knowing how we are preys to the rain, we can prepare our mind on how to enjoy and excited about it like innocent children to avoid the moody mind. We can prepare not to be in despair. That is, if we simulate the mind for any trouble in advance, we could escape from the mentally damaging or moody state of mind. So, be prepared for any disasters or worries or problems. Please enjoy the music and the pictures. Thank you.

The peaceful virtual tour

The mind is stable in a slow and steady environment. When in the busy and glittering, it is sensitive and unstable. So, frequently giving the mind a chance to exhale in the peaceful visiting sites is necessary. Especially, during this restricted social distance time, the mind is unstable and needs to relax. Do you care about your mind to the best today? This video will give you a brief tour to get a comfortable look around the town. Please enjoy and may your mind be filled with virtual satisfaction. Thank you.

Devotion of the souls to sacred God

The Lord is always knowing us. Taking refuge in Him is the only escape from our daily suffering. Strengthen your souls in concentrating the mind on Him. Our souls are eternal. So why not make it powerful to rejoice in His kingdom? This video is about the expression of devotion to the holy spirit, God. Please enjoy the beautiful melody and may your soul be blessed. Thank you.

Against the storm

Everyone has a nightmare for once or more in life. Nobody has a smooth way to the dream. All are struggling in every way and are stressed with the burden of life. To make a better place, to live a better life….We are pushing each other to be more and more, better and better. According to the law of nature, a new thing is born, will ripe one day, and will mature until it is ill and worn out. This law, nobody could resist and against any power. Nothing can be done with humans’ nature. This means, however hard we try, the time to ripe to succeed is decided. The time to wear out also. The earthly flesh dream is fragile and uncertain. God’s will for our mankind is to build heaven inside our soul to escape from all these sufferings. Yes, our destiny is, the city of light, God’s heaven. Be pure and kind to each other and don’t hurt others’ feeling. Forgive each other. These are what God keeps preaching to us. This video is the expression of droning in the sea of earthly stress and after that, rising to the stair gradually near to God. Please enjoy it. Thank you.

A cozy day poem

It’s a beautiful day. It’s a cozy day. Everybody wants to have fun and enjoy a good time with loved ones. But, these days, many people have to spend time in quarantine losing their jobs…many heartbreaking stories all around the world…People, we the people, all want happy lives and loved ones to be around to spend the beautiful days. Many dreams of these days of happiness….We did have many happy days already, maybe. But, when there is an unstable situation continuing with no clear direction, humans brain is set to be stressful and worrisome for their future…HERE!! I would like to remind you that enjoying a happy day, as usual, is possible. Just go outside to somewhere into the wide-open air like garden or park, bathing the sunlight, and doing a grocery shopping. Cooking at home and enjoy homemade food, it is possible for everyone. So why are we worry for what we don’t see ahead of us? So, forget the corona and enjoy the sunlight of the blessing summer. It is time to strengthen the body before a long and cold winter…This video will make you feel like going outdoor and having fun. I hope you like it. Thank you.

Study on coincidences and miracles

How does coincidence occur and why? This fact triggers my curiosity and I studied it. Some coincidences are normal and happen commonly. But, very few coincidences are rare, and almost near miracles, happen to specific types of characters. Here, in this video, some findings on this study were shared for the purpose of studying how the invisible miracles are existing. Is it a mystic happening or the miracles? Please enjoy the melody and photos along with the summary. Thank you.

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