the unchanged chain of truth

Finding the eternal heaven on earth
Never will we find it.
Reaching out to the illusions
Nothing will we serve.
Minding faults and blaming
Solutions won’t be solved.
Denying the reality
Fortifying the sovereignty
What is the priority?
It’s to mind the psychology
How to deal with metamorphosis.
Perception of the almighty
The unchanged melody
Of the universe…
Where there is the law of eternity

How to increase dopamine in the brain?

I just found and share the link to this video for dopamine dose. Thanks to Turquoise songs channel.

Here are the top 7 ways to increase dopamine naturally:
Eat foods rich in Tyrosine. In order to make dopamine, your body needs tyrosine which can be found in almonds, bananas, avocados, eggs, beans, fish, and chicken.
Exercise regularly.
Learn to meditate.
Get a massage.
Listen to music.

These days, very few opportunities to make the youtube poem songs. Please wait for the next update patiently. Thank you.

No war but Love

We are war with our daily stress bowl in our own mind with positive and negative thoughts. How can we be at peace with other when we are pressured by our own imagination of doubts and weary beliving? First, win our own wars inside our head to conquer the world with peaceful acts.
Here are some famous quotes on peace in the video. Please enjoy and win the irritated inner mind and be patient with any struggles ahead of us. Thank you.

The peaceful virtual tour

The mind is stable in a slow and steady environment. When in the busy and glittering, it is sensitive and unstable. So, frequently giving the mind a chance to exhale in the peaceful visiting sites is necessary. Especially, during this restricted social distance time, the mind is unstable and needs to relax. Do you care about your mind to the best today? This video will give you a brief tour to get a comfortable look around the town. Please enjoy and may your mind be filled with virtual satisfaction. Thank you.

Devotion of the souls to sacred God

The Lord is always knowing us. Taking refuge in Him is the only escape from our daily suffering. Strengthen your souls in concentrating the mind on Him. Our souls are eternal. So why not make it powerful to rejoice in His kingdom? This video is about the expression of devotion to the holy spirit, God. Please enjoy the beautiful melody and may your soul be blessed. Thank you.

Where are we?

We are in the darkness, and we are alive by the mercy of the sun. Where there is no sun, no plants, and living things. In such a place of no light, the only media is the darkness. The existence gives no meaning, but the mind and soul go beyond infinity. The power in the darkness, still unknown to humans. Looking up the night sky, sending the mind there and fly the soul to beyond our reach, will surely give us different perceptions and senses. It is like, ego and self are nothing and disappeared to diffuse into the media of the invisible bulk of particles. How magical this moment will be? What is the city of light that is God’s kingdom? Is it enlightened in the mind while being in the darkness or totally a different new setting of the earth after resurrections? Interesting as it is, my topic for today’s video is about the expression of where we live in which there is the sun for half of the day. Please enjoy the video. Thank you.

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