The door to rhythms

Instruments of various kinds, produce different frequency ranges.
We don’t know what we like to hear without ever listen to it. Depend on our mood, we choose what we know. The most interesting part of life is encountering the first feeling in life unexpectedly by the coincidence of the beautiful melody which we don’t even know the existence. This kind of miracle, meeting in fortuitously. Do you have such a surprise blessing?
In this time of internet surfing golden era, many experiences to the new adventure but it’s rare to meet of which strikes the heart most? May you meet with the unexpected sound of romance..
Please enjoy it. Thank you.

Energetic inspiration song

Inspirational video for energetic emotion, please enjoy.
Sometimes, just flow along the rhythms could refresh the mind and be happy and active.
Take a deep breath in of the fresh air and exhale slowly..
Doing some light jogging,,
It will feel like heaven for the body and soul.
Forget all the stressful thoughts and enjoy the good songs for inspiration.
Hope you all a good time.
Thank you.

A story of life

Thousands of thousands of thousands of stories were written in the books.
Every one’s special thoughts and lives experiences were shared abundantly.
How could we make a choice?
What could we pass along to the children?
A relateable story?
Lessons of struggles?
Mind control?
Healthcare tips?
How to be kind?

A story of confidence and perseverance?
Please enjoy the video.
Thank you.

Flying in Tranquility

Accustomed to the daily routines,
didn’t we fail to feel the fresh morning glory?
Accustomed to the humans’ creations, didn’t we notice the tweety’s sweet melody?
Accustomed to the towns and cities, didn’t we stop enjoying the hills and plateus?
This video was made to feel a bird’s eyes view with a sweet melody to glide along witnessing the God’s creations and His thoughtful generosity towards His humans.
The living music box and poet of nature, the tweety is, how does it feel like if we have a lovely flying spotify around our daily lives? :))

Appearance or Inner Strength

Objectives in lives, mostly focus on the appearances and material prosperity. This causes the disparity amongst the same humans. Who have and can show more rich in appearances, are admired and favored. Once all of these are owned and accustomed, the mind is blank with the wish to find something more to heal. Yes, humans need both material and spiritual wealth. But, when you are mentally strong and rich in spiritual maturity, you can be happy without the extra efforts in appearance and materialized fortunes. Objectives in lives should be to train the inner mind more than achieving the temporary outer goals.
The video is made to show the expression for the objectives. Thank you.

When everything is fine

When everything is fine, we feel great and enjoy. Everything seems to have no problems at all. Once in a life time, we dream of a beautiful life. We try for it, to achieve our goals in lives. The reality varies for some, with the blending fate, luck and efforts. Do you believe in fate, that is already set most of what and when we will be? We are having different proportions for different fate, luck and efforts. I wonder, could we change the fate and luck? But we could put our efforts and change the destined circumstances. Efforts, hope and faith to achieve what we dream of are the only power left for us to bet against and God’s miracles are blessing to fill the quench when we are real and passionate. This video is to express the feeling of satisfying moment when everything is good around us. Please enjoy. Thank you.

Time for mind purification

To purify the mind is to put the consciousness in the holy spirit.
Thoughts and actions to focus in the God’s story and His messages of guidance for life aspects. The same story but the inspiration varies in the circumstances. The magical wisdom of words, treasury to humanity, the only light of hope. May you find the right message in this page of wisdom, and learn what is the solution at the moment. May all the problems are solved in the Godly way. Please enjoy the video. Thank you.

True and rare identity

When you find the real identity of rare one, it’s miracle. Such kind of surprising blessing is happening to only the endurance and the powerless. Praying and believing in God, the impossible thing could turn into possible one. The good action draws the good energy and the good saviors will be blessed to the true hearts. Train the mind and be true heart by being kind and passionate.
The video is the poem for the real passionate hearts. Please enjoy it. Thank you.

Autumn healthcare

During the season change, the body is stressful to adjust the temperature difference. The soul too is stress because of the weakness of the body. So, taking care to the health in autumn is important. Please enjoy the tips and piano music of this video. Thank you. Have a healthy and happy time.

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