Finding self in serenity

Wandering and Wandering

my mind is drifting

flown away flown away

my mind is floating

calling back calling back

my mind is blank

come again come again

my mind is calming

throw away throw away

the hatreds and dull mind today

training and training

my mind is concentrating

praying and praying

my mind is staying in serene

focusing and focusing

my mind in the God’s divine

12 Tips for a healthy mind

Simple rules about the mind nutrition for positive vibes and stress relief

  1. Forest and sunbathing
  2. Breathing meditation
  3. Reading a good book
  4. Learning a new skill
  5. Listen to good songs
  6. Create something for a hobby
  7. Looking beautiful sceneries
  8. Enjoy time for self-improvement
  9. Thinking positive and creative
  10. Smile and laugh with love ones
  11. Enjoy the healthy food
  12. Strengthen the power of forgiveness

You are in charge of your mind nutrition, or nobody else will…

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Conscious in kindness

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In our everyday life, an act of kindness is essential for everyone. The power of this kind could change someone’s life. This video is about how it affects our minds. Please enjoy, share, and subscribe if you like the video. Thank you for watching it.

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