A Complete Memory of A Soul

In life
there’s black and white
not all the darkness is gloom
nor all the brightness is bless
but all are happening for a reason
to make you a complete soul
to cherish humanity
with a better you
to do more and more good deeds
but if you don’t know
what the harmony is
then you’ll never know
what life is meant to be
day and night
light and dark
all are a part of life
to build you up
to knock you down
to make a complete soul

please enjoy the poem of a complete memory in this video

may you find someone who will complete you to be a better you and be a superstar of every one’s peace and hope..

thank you

At the Solstice month December

It’s said every time

The winter happens

At the solstice like a secret

That yet never understand

As daylight turns to cold

A lustrous darkness grow

And the need of restoration

A sign of a year to melt away

Starting of another sky

A cloak for a winter cloud

Or could it be a cloud of warmth

Or is this a gale of light

Or the blazing tender’s turn

please enjoy this poem in this video

what if there’s no light in this world,
will technology still save humanity?
without the light, more and more resources are required to make a day to
last longer…

how blessed that humanity still have the light in abundance granded from the God..

thank you

Quotes on miracles

A miracle has begun secretly
Silently that is always disguised
That no one’s noticed
In the very first place
That it’s most of the time
Slipped away from taking chances
Miracles do come to bless
Where and when is the right time
To whom it’s meant to be
Especially on Christmas time
So be pure and innocent
For whatever you do
Make sure you are truely
God’s obedient one

Happy days ahead and miracles await
May you find your miracles around you

thank you:)

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