Importance of roles play

Looking back
Finding cracks
Righteous trashed
There were ideals
Ideas revealed
Rejected flee
Real ego deals
Growing real
Nonstop wheels
Rolling angrily
Roles play navi
Guiding engine
Make it turning
Steering to wellness
To humanity’s goal
Team humans
Some groups are
Too good
Some groups are
Too loose
How to choose
The same goal?

Please enjoy the philosophy of the original concept of idealism, realism and materialism…
May steerings remind the original goals to approach..
Thank you.
This video is about the philosophy expression. No personal or individuals intention. Thank you for your understanding.

Prayers in variations

In every situation, keeping hopes and faith in the Lord is the only way out to free from daily distractions or stresses.
How much reality in the prayers of how they matters, decides how near or far we are from the Lord and goodness.
May our days be filled with love and kindness. May our minds are not cynical. May the fears and worries are washed away by good deeds and thoughts. May peace be prevailing on earth and the selfish ones are changed to let go of the ego they are trapped in. May all the neighbors are careful for selfless actions to make a better place to live or the land will lose its fertility.
May all the goods strive to make the everlasting peace on earth. Every identity is the builder of its place. May God bless to all. Have a safe and sound and happy day!😀

Secure in God’s shadow

Continue walking in God’s statues,

Keeping his commandments,

We can carry out our works.

Give us showers of rain at the proper time,

The land will indeed give yields,

The trees will give us fruits.

Threshing to the grapes gathering,

Will reach to the sowing of seed,

Will indeed give us satisfaction,

Dwell in security in the land.

Thee will put peace in the land,

Will indeed lay with no tremble,

Will make the injurious cease out,

Lord will not allow anger conquer.

The strength Thee grant us infinite….

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