a poem in the rain

a poem in the rain
soothing cool
in the atmosphere
in the mind
a moment of life
that a heaven grant
to allow all to live
the survival moisture
the blood that need
to live on forever

please enjoy the rain poem in this video

do you have something to enjoy during rainy period? may you find many special ways to enjoy life

Thank you

flowers wish

many flowers
composing a poem
speechless beauty
healing to the best
painting the land
with jewelry like velvet
what they try to say
is a moment to shine
cheering the admirers
the one moment
never last forever
the lesson to learn
about the mortality
a message saying
becareful spending
life’s moment to full
never regret to bloom
a flower of kindness
to save the lone
to free from loneliness

Please enjoy the healing power of the beautiful flowers video.

Thank you.

Happiness theater

the happiness theater
a theater of thoughts
today opens as usual
daily reflection of the era
the goods and the bads
screen rolling on and on
speaking words unheard
unfolding truth of reality
diary to share remind
the awareness beauty
the natural phenomena
the eternal applauses
approach to His highness
to the light performance
agape God’s wishes
humanity trapped in veils
failing to abide the wishes
the agape God’s will

this theater goes on

may you find the truth of real happiness…

Please enjoy the poems with happy melody.

Thanks to the artists who enrich the pictures and the sounds.

Thank you.

The life of universe

What is universe?
What are parts of the universe?
As long as there is universe, parts of the universe are there existing forever..
Shall they be in flesh
Shall they be in spirits
Shall they are the particles
Shall they are the radiations
They will transform the appearances, but in any forms they will exist somewhere some forms…
The strength of binding will make the miracles of encounters
What you can’t have or near or see
You can still feel or think or having in mind…
When there is time you think it’s darkest and coldest…be greater than your circumstances, be your own light to brighten your way back..
God trains the hardest lessons to the most outstanding child..
Clear the quest! Because God gifted you with the quality to clear this already.
Go beyond the current cloudy curtain, then you will see yourself with more energy with an unbelievable strength to go on and rock the stage of life to your dare.
God is calling a challenge circumstance to transform you to a better and smarter one.
Every thing happens for a reason to get near to our goals in life.
The length the wealth of life matter less than the meaning we live for.
Make today the best day to live meaningfully.
Sometimes self love is the best way to heal when there are many unacceptable happenings.
Close your eye, breath, relax,
Don’t hold the tears which could harm the body.
Once the stress liquid released out of the body, then mind will be reset completely, if remain inside it will pile up and cause negative effects.
We can’t change the weather, we can stay warm helping each other..
No problems stay forever.
Times drift and the weather will be fine again.
This video is to show the vulnerability of human beings.
Feel it and know that our strength in mind is above all else.
In this pandemic winter, many people have to give up many things that matter most to their lives.
Especially we are weakened in the mental condition.
We need each other more in this time of social distancing.
Giving encouragement online is the only way I could to help many out there.
Though it is so limited.
Please share the love and help each other. Forgive and let go. Stay strong.

Ps. These tips are my life’s experience. I am glad if this help make you release from the current despair of the nightmare.

Thank you.

Poetry: Curiosity~A flavor of life

A flavor of life

Out of curiosity, we commit things

Out of curiosity, we go further

Out of curiosity, we find new things

Out of curiosity, we trap in sensations

Out of curiosity, we rise and we fall

Out of curiosity, we find in coincidence

Out of curiosity, we find a new dream

Our of curiosity, we meet a new friend

Out of curiosity, we love and we part

Out of curiosity, we learn and mature

Out of curiosity, we become a better we

Out of curiosity, tomorrows are bright

Out of curiosity, we try for another day

Out of curiosity, we grow and grow

Out of curiosity, we feel and happy

Out of curiosity, we are free

Our of curiosity, we create

Stuck in curiosity, act in curiosity, craving for curiosity

Curiosity is a flavor of life we are addicted….

Nothing’s gonna stop

Everything is changing

So do your fate…

Everything is changing

So do your grade…

Everything is changing

So do your favorites…

Everything is changing

So do your weight…

Everything is changing

So do your innate…

Everything is changing

So do your cravings…

Everything is upgrading

Up to your makings…

Happy and smiling

As to your wishing…

Life is just a soaring wing

Flying high to rest on trees…

What is missing?

A life test we have

Even we don’t want to have

Already in the test….

Always we bet right or wrong

But strong is the answer…

The better you care

The more it is unfair…

All the unseen tasks

Wrestling in trust….

However smart in the start

Failing at last…

What is missing

In our living….

There our thoughts go to God

Know how to stop our ego odds..

Now his teachings

Bringing hopes in winning…

A test of life

All seems alrights

Thanks to Christ…

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