Go Forward

Video version of this poem @YouTube

Every day is a challenge for those who are trying to achieve their dreams. In these times of days, the power to keep on pushing forward is up to our own deeds. Listen to this video song with verses of the poem for your inspirations. Thank you for watching it. Please don’t forget to subscribe and share the video.

A story of striving power

Sprouting time is spring

Transforming from a seed

To golden leafy shoot

Formed by photosynthesis

With the sunlight, it strives

There is a forecast

That it will rain soon

It is soft and weak now

Germinate carelessly

Of the incoming rain

Moving and swaying

In the blowing wind

It rooted strong

Nothing’s wrong

Oh…admiration to this courage

Never fallen by the rain

It teaches how life is gifted

A messenger carries lessons

Saying troubles are temporary

As life goes on

As long as there is striving power

Video version of this poem @YouTube

Songs of words

Thousands of words and notes are the materials for the infinite creations of the songs and poems. Discover more and more through binding words and melodies. Please enjoy this idea in the video. Please subscribe and share. Thank you.

Rhymes and riddles

Decorated with words

The choice of expression

Meditation in virtue

Finding sense of creation

Along the melody line

Beautifully hiding in the puzzles

Bind to treasure of beyond

Simple in diverse ways

Discovery of fantasy

Cadence of poems

Poetry in tune

Verses of songs

For the heartbeats

Please check out the video @YouTube


How are you these days? As for me, I am shocking by the news everyday. I just stay silently and thinking of how fragile humans are. I caught a cold and was afraid of the idea of what if… I rest for a day or two and now I recover completely. Here is a poem for you and for me to continue…

We are strong we know

We are strong to go on

We are among the struggle

We are proud of our ancestors

We are genes of their survivors

We know we will grow

Until our goal

Before it we care

We dare to bear the despair

We dwell in hope for well

To carry our genes to health

To train our mind to wealth

To cheer the great grand prayers

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