Study on immunity and fertility

respect mothers and fathers
who are humans makers

respect mothers to be
and fathers to be
who are future’s humans makers

do you know how easy and
how hard to make a human?

it’s a miracle to get pregnant
and give birth to a child

humans start from miracle
encounterance and love

humans grow up
humans get old

how humans end is the same
as our breaths taken away

be kind to elders
be kind to parents
be kind to parents to be
be a good person
who have respect towards others

please learn how the immunity and fertility are related and ways to strengthen your body for making humans

humans are humans making machine?

Thank you

Study on the antiviral immunity inflammasome

humans blame bats
for causing viral infection

but humans do have
many viruses in themselves
which are 96% identical
to those of the bats

what is the difference?
having inflammosome or not
humans have this code of dna
to protect from some diseases
but having this makes humans
weak to cope with the corona viruses

in this video
the importance of this code
is summarized

the balanced diets and activation level of the inflammosome are the keys to prepare antiviral immunity

please enjoy and wish you good health

the contents are my study notes
not the professional advice

Thank you

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