Adaptation to challenges

We fear change because it means that outcomes are unknown. Our brains are designed to find peace in knowing. When we don’t know what will happen, we make up scenarios and, in turn, create worry. Humans find it hard to move on when something known comes to an end.

For someone with anxiety, something as minor as a last-minute change of plans can lead to a downward spiral of overthinking, which in turn can manifest as a feeling of panic, doom, heart palpitations, rapid breathing and feeling of guilt.

Metathesiophobia, or what’s more commonly known as the fear of change, originates from the Greek word “meta”, meaning changes and “phobos” meaning fear. Most people worry about the future and question themselves, but for some, this fear of change can be much more debilitating.

Adaptability expands your capacity to handle change, no matter how serious it might be. Instead of throwing away your energy trying to change your circumstance, you will change yourself right from within, thus making you thrive in whatever situation you find yourself.

In this era, just doing what is able is not enough to be survival decently. Drastically change in all fields is escalated due to the extreme weather consequences such as physical disasters e.g. infectious disease, mental disasters e.g. fomo and geological disasters e.g. floods.
Little margins do humans have. Just being mentally strong is the only way to adaptation.

So, not everyone can adapt the changes. Some will be sacrificed. It’s a shocking reality. Who will be on the rescue boat? Who should be eligible? Who will keep stamina in swimming for another chance? Many hands are stretching out for the last boat…
Humanity, to be a decent human, is a challenging now.
Don’t blame the poors for being inapt. They do sacrifices for being inapt to fill the other side of the world..Please make a life line safety net for inapt humans.

please enjoy the vulnerability in this video

whatever will be will be

Thank you

Thinking harmony

the gearwheel
is stuck
where is the GREASE?
it is spilled all over..
where is the new one?
not in hand!
how about getting
one at the store?
it’s no business time

this machine ran
for such a long time
in the extreme condition
without any maintenance
how to..

a nightmare of the broken machine..

awake from a nightmare
in my hand
having less choices
to mend my own scar..

tuning the mindset
back to reality
keep on believing
deep in the positivity
humanity’s fate

please enjoy my art of thinking harmony with many rules and theories in this video

may there be grease to mend instantly

Thank you

How to save humanity?

together humans rush
to make dreams
to realize as ego reins
who will reach the goal
fast and faster
and who will be the fastest
together we humans
crashing each other
into pieces and pieces
in the end no one wins
but we long to win
in the game of ego

do you know how to get the dream?

no one has the best answer..yet..

because, the answer is the alphabets
each one has in the heart that can spell right only when all individuals are gathering together to make the meaning of togetherness

it’s time to spell peace, love and harmony

may there be a better day in every tomorrow

Thank you

humanity’s failures

bees live as long as flowers exist
but many are picked
birds live as long as crops exist
but many are electrified wired
big fishes live as long as small fishes exist
but many are in the net
humans live as long as incomes
but many skills are outdated

existential threat to humanity..
just alive is not guaranteed to live..
many systems outdated to cover
the modern crisis..

may those who are in the situation of crisis find the nearest saviors asap

Thank you

humanity’s homeworks

what are humanity’s homeworks?

black we get when we mix all colors
white we get when all the color rays of light mixed

so! it doesn’t matter black or white ?

what matter is to save people in war and civil crisis zones

may peace be in afganistan
may peace be in myanmar
may peace be on earth
may this planet free of deadly infection

please watch this video for the portrait of freedom

Thank you

Love Is The Only Measure Of Humanity

Humanity is not chemistry
You don’t need chemical bonds to be human
Or a big chest of chemical equations to know your heart
It’s not normal to neglect each other
Neither is it fair to ignore each other
Humanity stands on the pedestal of history
Not because human beings possess the qualities of superheroes
Or because mankind is a community of angelic beings
Humanity stands on the pedestal of history
Because mankind is capable of unconditional Love
A love that is deep and unrestrained flows through our veins
A love that knows no boundaries of race, tribe or religion
A love that sees beauty in the ugliest of situations
A love that surpasses the perimeter of logic
It’s this love that gave birth to humanity
In the womb of our Creator
Love was the first born
And Human beings followed
It’s upon us to look deep inside our being
And excavate through the many years of existence
It’s upon us to be human
Humanity is the sacred mist that flows from being human
Enveloping everything in its path
Humanity is like a razor sharp blade
That paves the path of Love
Opening channels from one heart to another
Creating a mysterious path for Love
To flow from one person to another
Until we are all brimming with humanity
Until we are all full of the sanctified existence
And our hearts are overflowing with joy
Humanity is the path that our ancestors treaded on
And it is inside this path that we share our sorrows and joys
Our victories and our defeats are monuments on this path
Our sweat and tears are solidified on the floor of this path
Our footsteps are forever embroidered on this path
Humanity is our common destiny
And Love is the only measure of our humanity

by Kenneth M

please enjoy the video version here

Thank you

Adventure of the hearts

So this thing called life,
a journey for everyone,
solving pieces of a puzzle is not easy.

The reflection of the emotion,
paint a picture of life,
imagine an unknown destiny.

A heart always young,
not knowing what awaits,
feel the wave that knocks as fate’s demand.

Love so very true in universe,
that beat within the hearts,
that bind the souls firmly.

please enjoy the poem in this video

Thank you

Searching for a destiny

Searching for a destiny
where dreams come true
we hope we fail we go on
but life ‘s trick is…
we reach nowhere
to our far destination
but we are already in
the preparation stage
of our destined destiny
so near to our existence
where we will be
when times come
as God planned
our destined destiny
which is meant for
just the right one
in the right place
at the right time
we, humans are dreaming
of destination as an impossible one
which need much times and efforts
we just forget we are making
our destinies everyday and are
around us to be noticed and
taken chances

may you find many blessings in your daily life

please enjoy the humans’ searching journey photos poetry in this video

Thank you

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