Inspirational video for those who are discourage

a tour to the mysterious land
only dare with the guidance
through the lights of saints
don’t know what to find
what awaits as advancing
inch by inch to the unknown
is it deserve a try to be bold
or just a vain in the darkness
but what so sure is the experience
the experience to go through
the difficulties with hopes
to make the whole map real..

please enjoy this poem in the video version

thank you

From the worst to the best

In the balance of yin and yang
We find harmony’s sweetest tang
Opposites, yet so intertwined
One cannot exist without the other to find

Yin, the dark and mysterious force
The quiet, the soft, the gentle source
The moonlit night, the starry sky
The peacefulness that helps us fly

Yang, the light and vibrant might
The sun, the fire, the day so bright
The energy that fuels our soul
The passion that helps us reach our goal

Two sides of a coin, forever bound
Together they create the world around
Neither superior, neither supreme
Just different sides of the same team

In the balance of yin and yang
We find our inner peace and bang
The harmony that brings us joy
The perfect blend that none can destroy.

days learn to live in the yin dystopia
to the yang days to light up the nights

thank you

A day to celebrate the simplicity

Do it simple
Do it harmlessly
Do it as easy as simple

The important messages
From the Saint

Yes, how about celebrate the simplicity

What do we need?
Just a simple wish!
We, humans need a simple day
With loved ones
And share the foods
And enjoy gathering time
Living harmoniously
What more?

a little late simplicity celebrating poem..m…m

please enjoy the poem dedicated to the Saint in this video

thank you

The first water poem by chatGPT

On World Water Day we come together

To celebrate this precious treasure

The clear blue liquid that flows so pure

A vital resource we must all ensure

It quenches thirst and helps us thrive

Allows our crops and gardens to survive

Nourishes the earth and all that grows

A source of life that overflows

Yet, in many places it’s scarce and rare

Communities struggling for a simple share

Pollution and waste tarnish its grace

A challenge we must face

Let’s honor this gift, this life-affirming force

Commit to preserving its course

Reduce our footprint and waste less

Ensure every drop is used to its best

On World Water Day, let’s renew our vow

To cherish this gift, here and now

A promise to protect and preserve

For our children, and for generations to serve.

thank you

The threat of tricks around one’s neighbors

are you alone?
are you losing dignity?
are you in a bad luck?

if three yes、you are a good person
and you are seriously under bullied or attacked or under heavily ill plotted by someone who is jealous of you or hate you for a reason..

this poem is about the expression for the fantastic illusion experience when you are being under someone’s ill treated schemes

don’t look down
you are not as weak as you think
you can do better than who you are now
you are born not to be bullied
or not to contribute to the evils
you are born to be a better you
you are born to witness the evils
you are born to declare the truth
you are born to be righteous
the world needs your claims
to make things back to normal
by your courageous existence

may you find the ways to get out of others ‘ schemes cleverly

do you know, many people are down and out in a lonely world, please give them a hand and help them make their living because they are harmless people who don’t know the skill to cope with this sophisticated world. if we, the smart people leave them alone, they can turn to break the rules for the living. for a more safe world, more surveillance is not the answer, but to love and give a hand! w

don’t forget that there are many good saviors out there

wishing more less lonely people on earth

thank you

A new season called Spring

a new season called Spring
is beginning with smiles
smiles of flowers
with smiles of leaves
with smiles of stalks
with smiles of green
with smiles of purple
with smiles of yellow
every year
this spring always lift
the hearts out of chilled days
many thankful days ahead..

may the new season brings you flowers and lovely smiles to you

thank you

Nature’s wonder

diamonds are dirt cheap on Mercury
so do dirts on Earth

waters are rarest on Mercury
so do diamonds on Earth

what available in abundant is richness
but it’s taking for granted

the only value is known
when it’s rare and not granted

waters on Earth is abundant
a drop of water or a dimond?

climate awareness video

it’s time to awake

thank you

Quotes for March inspiration

2023 is marching..
the new spring time
to start another page
with the glorious joy
to write one more rhyme
with the bright energy
to do a better day
with the warm weather
to a real world
with the passion to go on..

don’t give up when you are right
but don’t dwell on wrong doings
to change is never too late
for a good start to the real you!

thank you

March poem by Housman A. E.

the smell of the sun
the chirping birds wild
on the old branches,
marching the gays
afall happiness to Thee,
sneakers sneaking
spring’s speakingw,
stealing is quitting
of the morals queens,
the season’s going on
the change is born
the new is building,
who stood stealing
is to be left behind
in the winter’s dark,
come lucks
to the righteous
the march of joys

please enjoy the march poem by AEHousmann in this video

may joys bring happiness to the women and girls of the world

thank you

Good but not Good, digital growth vs. increasing mass surveillance

got many good technologies
but little is used their benefits
industries need high speed
but households bear the cost
to build the products
that will sell their secrets
households are buying
what they don’t know
how to use but be abused
by the minority pros
where’s ethical rule?
what happen to this planet?

people blame pornography
why do humans start to wear?
but people like it
people steal it
people use high tech to covert
innocent people don’t know
they are under surveillance
by just staring at one’s TV
they are signaling to somewhere
their images are sold
by the un inspected appliances
by the hidden unseen chips
inside their hard earn electronics
who has this authority?
who can do it?
why still no one take any action?
is it a crime with or without clothes?
is it a crime seeing through other’s wall?
is it a crime being seen under surveillance?
is it a crime that want to see?
what matters?
what the …. is going on in this planet?

this world is messed with hidden cameras
may the unfair end quickly

thank you

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