Prayers in variations

In every situation, keeping hopes and faith in the Lord is the only way out to free from daily distractions or stresses.
How much reality in the prayers of how they matters, decides how near or far we are from the Lord and goodness.
May our days be filled with love and kindness. May our minds are not cynical. May the fears and worries are washed away by good deeds and thoughts. May peace be prevailing on earth and the selfish ones are changed to let go of the ego they are trapped in. May all the neighbors are careful for selfless actions to make a better place to live or the land will lose its fertility.
May all the goods strive to make the everlasting peace on earth. Every identity is the builder of its place. May God bless to all. Have a safe and sound and happy day!😀

A moment in Zion..

How happy a moment
A moment of being appreciated
Like to keep on being able to create it.
How nice a smile
A moment of harmony
Like to share the smiling glory to everybody.
How good a behavior
A moment of action journey
Like to know compassion and sympathy.
How great a generosity
A moment of charity
Like to give more kind to everybody.
How eloquent the words
A moment to share thoughts
Like to yarn more letters for your sought.
How beautiful a page
A place of webs of words
Like a Zion in grace.

First & last but joyous snow..

Fluffy soft and white

Feathery glow beauty snow

Cold to the heart

Pretty in no harmony

Glory till the golden sun

Sorry to behold

There you go and melt

Flow cold to help farm grows

Let them grow to shady tall

Till they greed the sunny glow

Harmony screen to fertile

Helping winter to a wonder land

Snow cold but warm at the end

First snow joyous

Wish it’s not the last…

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