Prayers in variations

In every situation, keeping hopes and faith in the Lord is the only way out to free from daily distractions or stresses.
How much reality in the prayers of how they matters, decides how near or far we are from the Lord and goodness.
May our days be filled with love and kindness. May our minds are not cynical. May the fears and worries are washed away by good deeds and thoughts. May peace be prevailing on earth and the selfish ones are changed to let go of the ego they are trapped in. May all the neighbors are careful for selfless actions to make a better place to live or the land will lose its fertility.
May all the goods strive to make the everlasting peace on earth. Every identity is the builder of its place. May God bless to all. Have a safe and sound and happy day!😀


The law of God is perfect, bringing back the soul.
The reminder of God is trustworthy, making the inexperienced one wise.

The orders from God are upright, causing the heart to rejoice;
The commandment of God is clean, making the eyes shine.
The fear of God is pure, standing forever.

The judicial decisions of God are true;
They have proved altogether righteous.

They are more to be desired than gold, yes, than much refined gold;
And sweeter than honey of the combs.

Bible: Psalms 19: 7~10

Open arm

The power of an open arm
The power of an open arm
To save humanity
The almighty Lord…
He is the key
To save all to free
Keep no secret to heal…
All the pigeons turn to doves
With his magic gloves
Mercy to all sins
Forgive his fellows
Cure the scar of the foe…
Never can be high
As high as his secret
The secret weapon of love
Forgiveness and faith…
It’s the call of an open mind
The saviors time…
May peace be in your heart
May peace be in your yard
May peace be in your gut
May peace be on the reign…
To save all the neglects
For no men deserve solitaire in vain
Life is precious to humane…

Don’t go away from God…

Like a shining star at night,

Like a bright sunlight,

Our God is there looking down on us.

Believe it or not,

God is always looking down from heaven.

To see his sons of men,

To see his believers,

Who are seeking for shelters,

He will save those in needs.

He will heal those in pains.

Keep faith in God,

To let him save us.

Our own thoughts and sins,

Make us away from him.

So be good to be seen,

To be clean,

To be saved by him…

How many loves do you have in Valentine?

Today is a Valentine’s day. A day to spread LOVE to all, not to only the one you love.

Please spread a present of a smile, a greeting, a small chocolate, and especially a love of being kind to everyone around us.

How many can we spread love today? 10? 100? 1000?

A small act of love is more valuable than a bunch of flowers or an expensive gift.

Love is when you choose to be at your best when the other person is not at their best.

Love is a strong positive mental state and is good for health.

Addiction is no love, it is an illusion.

Love is forgiveness, understanding and caring generously.

Love can save the world.

If you have a great loving heart, you are the beautiful human.

Happy Valentines to you all….Don’t forget to spread loves.

Love for a better world!

God loves us, and let us spread his love….

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