JOBs for ALL

are you hungry?
yes, everyone too
are you stressful?
yes, everyone too
do you want more income?
yes, everyone too
do you have future?
yes, everyone too
are you worry?
yes, everyone too
do you have a family?
yes, everyone too
do you have a job?

yes, working long hours to make ends meet
no, no place to fit in
no, systemic joblessness
no, corona joblessness
no, …

Many voices these days in pandemic
unattended to, fear of being cutting out from getting the daily bread…

People starts to fight for the bread..
it’s the sign of the poverty…

Wishing many lives go on under well control in a resilience way…

To solve, is to implement Jobs for all or foods for all..

A gratitude to those who are caring many lives by supporting with kindness and encouragement…



Global stability awareness

I can’t understand
Why I can’t be successful
However I try nothing come true
Where do I live?
Why my seeds can’t grow?
In the dessert?
All my dreams drain in the sand?
I just am in the wrong approach
To the successful road
To change oneself
Is the greatest goal
The greatest love of all…

Who to blame when things go wrong?
All are related webbically internationally in our web of mind.

When one can’t change, nothing can’t be changed.
When one change, others can’t change, nothing can’t be changed.
When all change, we can…

Is there, Will there be a day completed change to get to the right destiny?

When everything seems collapsing..
it’s not the time to stand and mock..
It’s time to dock to give in.

How many will dare, to spare a hand?

I feel guilty seeing the world collapsing..
Do you feel the same?
How can we change the world to be a better one…tears of fear..of knowing how powerless humans are…

Notice, this video is not related or refer to any identity. It is just an expression of humans ‘ chaotic behaviors. Thank you for understanding.

Please enjoy the mocking rap in this video.

Thank you.


What are the necessities?
What do we have?
What can we do?
What is going on?
What is wrong?
How do we change?
How to achieve harmony?
How to make a safe and comfortable place for all?
What is work?
For what are we living?
Why do people cry for happiness?
Why do people fight for peace and freedom?
What do we really need now?
2021 reminder…

Smart solutions?
How to be smart?
How to start getting smart?
Many open questions…

Please enjoy the sense of future in this video.
Thank you.

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