Persistency in climate awareness

Thinking global warming

As Earth’s oceans grow warmer, they evaporate more moisture into the atmosphere—about 4 percent more since 1970. But these two factors, rising temperatures and increased moisture in the atmosphere, make the chances for extreme weather that much greater from here on.

The effects of global warming in the Arctic, or climate change in the Arctic include rising air and water temperatures, loss of sea ice, and melting of the Greenland ice sheet with a related cold temperature anomaly, observed since the 1970s.

A warmer Earth due to global warming makes sudden stratospheric warming events more likely and more frequent. And those events destabilize the polar vortex, bring cold air down into the mid-latitudes, and cause the extreme weather we’re experiencing right now.

Does a cold winter mean that global warming is over? No. Scientists say that severe winter weather is still to be expected from time to time. That kind of weather happens even during a long-term warming trend for the planet.

Points to ponder…

Too much or extreme is abnormal. Balanced environmental condition is the key to maintain the good weather. Do this planet has a balanced ecosystem? If the winter is too cold and the summer is too hot irregularly, ,, it’s the alarming condition. But it seems to be around the margin…ie…sometimes doubting that is there really a global warming problem?…

There are already higher in frequencies of the climate influenced severe weather than a decade ago…

When there is no doubt, it’s too late to fix…

46 degree is the maximum temperature condition to be alive.
Last year 44 degree was the maximum recorded?
Plus 0.5 degree warmer increasing per year ie. 30-35+/-10= 20-45 @2020

Another five years more, the maximum temperature is expected to go over livable zone…
The average temperature increasing rate +0.5 degree means after 20 years the average summer temperature is estimated to go near the current maximum.

Isn’t it time to smart? What is the smartest way? How to initiate before it’s too late. Cooling conditions are the only way to adapt it?
there could be the severe condition just to be in the open air outside the house or building…

Isn’t it time to smart? What is the smartest way? How to initiate before it’s too late.

In this video, please enjoy the coldness pictures and sound effect.

Thank you.

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