unknotted freedom

modern people
not knowing
as tied in the knot
and can’t move
motionless in openness
border everywhere
barriers increased
counter checking wild
anti and critics grow

where is the freedom?

to be righteous
to be happy
to be unbound
to be natural
to be decisive
to be oneself
to act as it is

we humans are losing our own freedom in the densed connected
open network

the more one thing is being focused, the more mistakes will be pointed out

humans’ communication are too bright to see each other clearly, it’s like wrapping the mirrors around every individual

please watch the video expressing where we are in the real or virtual world

Thank you

A mindset to freedom

we humans are always wanting to be cared and loved.

in reality, humans have different lives conditions and hardly match each other’s needs.

we humans are always trapped in the rules of society and forced to think that way which is impossible.

the more we rely on other’s sympathy and kindness, the more we are captured in despair.

we must put our attention to the mind of our own and think different way to release from social influences.

we should be content in the current situation and stay out of distractions.

by doing so, we may have more of our times to think and enjoy the freedom.

alone time will make us see more of ourselves and improve our bodies and souls.

philosophical point:

alone is freedom not solitude that we need to be more focus and concentrated.

only at this time of freedom, we start to realize what we think bad is not that bad, and what we crave of is not that good.

we can be free from the embarrassment and emotional stress.

then, we will find the truth in freedom.

we are seriously in need of the filter that will keep us stable and healthy.

wishing you will find the truth beyond the horizon of solitude.

the everlasting love…

please enjoy this video to feel the little freedom of inspiration.

Thank you.

A new era

the world is changing
with the global network
growing connections
knowledge flows
abundance of information
the wind is strong
everyone’s dream fly high
collisions everywhere
some stares in despair
how to ride on time
freedom in uncertainty
unity flares and wears
the possibility impossibility
extreme polarity
spiritual control
to hold grapse to roar
unfold the strength
to own own’s wave
under selfcontrol
may you know
how to live a life
the windy decades to go

Please enjoy tips to survive in the era of no boundaries.
Thank you.

How to relax against stressful days

It’s been a year
People are suffering
From the pandemic
Restrictions everywhere
How a stressful situation
Instead we do have
More chance to enjoy
The nature’s beauty
And hobbies more
Hold on till the end
To live a normal life
As happy as before

Here are some ideas to enjoy in this video.
Thank you.

May your days be filled with hopes and happiness.
May you win your stressful days by being more kind and optimistic.

Importance of roles play

Looking back
Finding cracks
Righteous trashed
There were ideals
Ideas revealed
Rejected flee
Real ego deals
Growing real
Nonstop wheels
Rolling angrily
Roles play navi
Guiding engine
Make it turning
Steering to wellness
To humanity’s goal
Team humans
Some groups are
Too good
Some groups are
Too loose
How to choose
The same goal?

Please enjoy the philosophy of the original concept of idealism, realism and materialism…
May steerings remind the original goals to approach..
Thank you.
This video is about the philosophy expression. No personal or individuals intention. Thank you for your understanding.


Global stability awareness

I can’t understand
Why I can’t be successful
However I try nothing come true
Where do I live?
Why my seeds can’t grow?
In the dessert?
All my dreams drain in the sand?
I just am in the wrong approach
To the successful road
To change oneself
Is the greatest goal
The greatest love of all…

Who to blame when things go wrong?
All are related webbically internationally in our web of mind.

When one can’t change, nothing can’t be changed.
When one change, others can’t change, nothing can’t be changed.
When all change, we can…

Is there, Will there be a day completed change to get to the right destiny?

When everything seems collapsing..
it’s not the time to stand and mock..
It’s time to dock to give in.

How many will dare, to spare a hand?

I feel guilty seeing the world collapsing..
Do you feel the same?
How can we change the world to be a better one…tears of fear..of knowing how powerless humans are…

Notice, this video is not related or refer to any identity. It is just an expression of humans ‘ chaotic behaviors. Thank you for understanding.

Please enjoy the mocking rap in this video.

Thank you.

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