Study on factors controlling the economy

The business cycle is caused by the forces of supply and demand—the movement of the gross domestic product GDP—the availability of capital, and expectations about the future. This cycle is generally separated into four distinct segments, expansion, peak, contraction, and trough. Factors such as GDP, interest rates, total employment, and consumer spending, can help determine the current stage of the economic cycle. The average length of a growing economy is 38.7 months or 3.2 years. The average recession lasts for 17.5 months or 1.5 years.

In this video, a brief list on the factors controlling economy are summarized. By giving the scores to the factors, it’s clear to know in which stage the economy is and obvious to know whether the economy will grow or will be the opposite. But, the factors are out of control now due to many disruptions happenings such as war, constant losses by virus infection and natural disasters, etc. Since factors driven economy is stagnant, it is necessary to cope the changes and challenges by different approaches such as investment-driven, innovation-driven, and wealth-driven strategies.

According to Rostow’s model, the level of growth dependency is quite unique respectively to achieve community level business to local and global business level. It is essential for each development nation to drive the right force to maintain the economy stability and sustainable economic growth.
Rostow’s stages of economic growth model:
The traditional society
The preconditions for take-off
The take-off
The drive to maturity
The age of high mass-consumption

Many rooms to growth..
So do many crises..
What are we driving?
Human-centric force?
Profit-centric force?
Is the economy breathing healthy?
Where and what to fix?
By giving scores to the factors, it is clear that many actions are needed to be taken..
Why it takes so much time?
What is the cause?

Many questions arise..
Is the economy is being watched as it is?
. ..
Many rich men are born so do the opposite by a speedier and higher volume.
Is the economy system outdated to keep its prosperity?
. .

In my humble opinion, there are various procedures that hinder the understanding on the reality in real time.
There are many obstacles and steps to make everything profitable that cause the economy cycle slower.

Thank you


days go on
months pass
years spend

what left inside
to keep on
to another year

season’s nature calendar turns it’s pages
to a beautiful flowers bed with much anticipation to a peaceful chapter

please enjoy the beautiful scenery

thank you

Kindness is God’s power

after reflecting modern days
many hearts are tired
to know the harsh reality
i here by writing a poem to thee
to heal your mind and soul
may you feel the agape love
sending from the God above
watching the earth warmly
i will be thankful if you could do
sharing the agape God’s love
to many hearts out there
crying for the shelter of souls

may your heart be filled with hopes and positivity.

Please enjoy the poem in this video
with the healing sound.
Thank you

flowers wish

many flowers
composing a poem
speechless beauty
healing to the best
painting the land
with jewelry like velvet
what they try to say
is a moment to shine
cheering the admirers
the one moment
never last forever
the lesson to learn
about the mortality
a message saying
becareful spending
life’s moment to full
never regret to bloom
a flower of kindness
to save the lone
to free from loneliness

Please enjoy the healing power of the beautiful flowers video.

Thank you.

Spring times

The most encouraging time
It’s spring time with flowers
Has the power to healing
It’s time to stop and breath

the spring always come at spring
the flowers bloom too
nothing is unchanged forever
so do hopes for the better
dreams come true in time
the pandemic is going to end
be prepare for the booming
seasons of joyful holidays

Please enjoy the spring time song

Thank you


the dreams
every dream
realize one day
when courage
when faith
when effort
never blocked
by the negativity,
watching spring
new flowers
what do you see?
i see nature
ground turn to garden
a magical life
energy to live
inspiration of soul
the mindset
to continue…

hope the positivity grow in every mind after every negativity of winter…

may the truth and reality are admired as its nature with no biased perception…

may your dreams come true.

Thank you.

Healing MELODY

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Healing melody

The power of healing

Always a fresh start

Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature

Thinking of tomorrow

Fill with energy

To shine again…

Please enjoy the video version of this poem on the YouTube link.

Thank you.

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