tackling with the unknown

tackling the unknown
swimming in the black
climbing to the rocky way
crossing the misty tracks
walking by the sweet decieves
resting in the mid of nowhere
gradually the fog gets thinner
the roads show more real
what to get is to give efforts
all energy investing in scene
of the stairs’ appearances
repeating perplexity and choices
achieving experiences best
smile with thousands of bets
of which one will crack to success

may you find many unseen jewels spark around you…

please get your motivation in this video, the fierce energy to survive

Thank you


the dreams
every dream
realize one day
when courage
when faith
when effort
never blocked
by the negativity,
watching spring
new flowers
what do you see?
i see nature
ground turn to garden
a magical life
energy to live
inspiration of soul
the mindset
to continue…

hope the positivity grow in every mind after every negativity of winter…

may the truth and reality are admired as its nature with no biased perception…

may your dreams come true.

Thank you.

Adventure in mind

adventure of a chance
to a fortuity contingency
venture stake to experiment
enterprise of bold undertaking
event or incident of occurrence
transaction by a passage
to fulfill the speculation
a destiny of fate in spirit

what is beyond the infinity?

what is waiting at the side of adventure?

or is it meant to be somehow somewhere when it will be as speculated…

or is it just the results of experiments?

or is it destined from the very first time?

or is it the universal energy to fortuity
naturally induced?

or is it God’s permission and contingency?

or is it the will power and metaphysical reaction?

many questions echoing

Please enjoy the adventure synonym..
Thank you.

Go Forward

Video version of this poem @YouTube

Every day is a challenge for those who are trying to achieve their dreams. In these times of days, the power to keep on pushing forward is up to our own deeds. Listen to this video song with verses of the poem for your inspirations. Thank you for watching it. Please don’t forget to subscribe and share the video.

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