Searching for a destiny

Searching for a destiny
where dreams come true
we hope we fail we go on
but life ‘s trick is…
we reach nowhere
to our far destination
but we are already in
the preparation stage
of our destined destiny
so near to our existence
where we will be
when times come
as God planned
our destined destiny
which is meant for
just the right one
in the right place
at the right time
we, humans are dreaming
of destination as an impossible one
which need much times and efforts
we just forget we are making
our destinies everyday and are
around us to be noticed and
taken chances

may you find many blessings in your daily life

please enjoy the humans’ searching journey photos poetry in this video

Thank you

Adventure in mind

adventure of a chance
to a fortuity contingency
venture stake to experiment
enterprise of bold undertaking
event or incident of occurrence
transaction by a passage
to fulfill the speculation
a destiny of fate in spirit

what is beyond the infinity?

what is waiting at the side of adventure?

or is it meant to be somehow somewhere when it will be as speculated…

or is it just the results of experiments?

or is it destined from the very first time?

or is it the universal energy to fortuity
naturally induced?

or is it God’s permission and contingency?

or is it the will power and metaphysical reaction?

many questions echoing

Please enjoy the adventure synonym..
Thank you.

Shangri-la knight

Humans, life travelers, are like a knight set out to its destiny, confusing, struggling, trying, falling, rising, hoping, wearing, and finally wishing to have a happy ending. We lose track; we lose direction; we stuck, we make mistakes; we find saviors; it saves us, we are neglected. It’s up to which destination we are heading for and where we are going. Pleasures and distractions are along with the ways to our true escape. We must be brave to reach to our real destination, the promised land, the land of God, the city of light, where we will have a peaceful harmony. This video is decorated with the sceneries of the knight reaching out to his destiny. Please enjoy it. Thanks for watching it.

The seed of love

Wandering to destination

Don’t know where ..

Caught in the beautiful melodies

Don’t know why..

They heals a lot.

Blown away with the wild wind..

Time drifting ….

No healing chance

Trapped in the storm!

Nowhere out.

Then..Suddenly be a sprout

Feeling the breeze..

Return of this healing..

Growing and growing.

Yes, the seed was remembering..

Overcome the savage chaos

It’s time to feel the breeze..

And those beautiful melodies..

Grow more for more breeze.

The seed of love

The seed of kindness


Saved in the fallen trees.

Now caress in free

There is breeze to heal

Rooting strong with no fear…

Tree of loving kindness

Never flown again

More breezing time on ways……

photo by pexels

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