Visualization to build the will power

the will power
th invisible strength
the not well known practice
the visualization
of the future of oneself
tends to happen in reality
it’s like simulation
or programming the mind
and attract the energy
or power to fufill it
the less understood way
but this is the faith
in oneself or self love
so please visualize
and turns many thoughts
into the practice
to go where we belong to
or be what we are meant to be

please learn how to visualize in this video

may your will power become stronger

Thank you

the bulk of existency

as a bulk
interaction all around
visible or invisible
known or unknown
conscious or unconscious
from the tiniest
to the biggest

when we focus
on oneself
or small scale
we lose sight
of the big picture

when we focus
on the bulk
or the large scale
we lose sight
of the details

the existence
the consciousness
the perception
the emotion
the living
the endurance
the loops of knowing

the bulky suspension
the infinity
the quizs
the nothingness
the transformation
the borderless
the loops of unknowing

humanity’s society is rotating with the knowing recognizing rules

when there is the unknown, we don’t know how to react

but the reality is not knowing is the best way to survive

in the information era, the too much knowing makes humanity’s sensitivity to the highest

that makes humans’ habitats a bit uneasy to be comfortable

this video message is to test your bulk emotion and the joy of not knowing

Thank you

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