Shangri-la knight

Humans, life travelers, are like a knight set out to its destiny, confusing, struggling, trying, falling, rising, hoping, wearing, and finally wishing to have a happy ending. We lose track; we lose direction; we stuck, we make mistakes; we find saviors; it saves us, we are neglected. It’s up to which destination we are heading for and where we are going. Pleasures and distractions are along with the ways to our true escape. We must be brave to reach to our real destination, the promised land, the land of God, the city of light, where we will have a peaceful harmony. This video is decorated with the sceneries of the knight reaching out to his destiny. Please enjoy it. Thanks for watching it.

what is life

life is to enjoy and endure.
no one can avoid the hardship in life.
peace and joy can be in mind when we can enjoy the endurance.
endurance is the enjoy of life.
days and night, ups and downs,
happiness or sadness, whatever the uncertainties, nothing can be avoided but to learn to live with endurance is how to enjoy life.
if there is no dark night, the beauty of morning will never be known.
knowing how to endure is knowing how to enjoy life.
the more the endurance, the nearer we are to the real peaceful spiritual God, the only true existence that showed us how to deal with the uncertainty and chaos.
May your endurance be with you till you know the real exit of the worldly discouragement.

Prayers in variations

In every situation, keeping hopes and faith in the Lord is the only way out to free from daily distractions or stresses.
How much reality in the prayers of how they matters, decides how near or far we are from the Lord and goodness.
May our days be filled with love and kindness. May our minds are not cynical. May the fears and worries are washed away by good deeds and thoughts. May peace be prevailing on earth and the selfish ones are changed to let go of the ego they are trapped in. May all the neighbors are careful for selfless actions to make a better place to live or the land will lose its fertility.
May all the goods strive to make the everlasting peace on earth. Every identity is the builder of its place. May God bless to all. Have a safe and sound and happy day!😀

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