Tips for healthy gut

disturbed or disappointed by the recent virus out break?

afraid of bacteria and virus more?

not sure how to fight back the unseen microbes?

God has already created the best disinfect and anti inflammation system in humans’ guts.

good bacteria, microorganisms are the best fighters against the harmful microorganisms.

but, the modern living style, work life, foods and beverages systems make the guts weaker and weaker.

the more delicious foods we persue, the more gut damage we have.

natural foods are the best choice to help the guts.

without a healthy gut, we will lose in microorganisms attacks.

please check more health advice for your gut in this video.

may your good germs love you!

Thank you.

A new generation

humanity awareness

mathematical singularity:
zero or infinity level
eg. topology under researching
physical singularity:
quantum level in progress
eg. super computing in progress
biological singularity:
dna & cell level surveillance
eg. vaccine in development
astrophysical singularity:
black hole
eg. matter distorted and compressed
social singularity:
historical dynamic changes level
eg. digital transformation in progress
information singularity:
anywhere anytime anything is under surveillances level
eg. 6G speed network in progress
technological singularity:
augmented brain surveillance level
eg. AI in progress

everything, everyone is smarter
more disagreement and rebel
more uncertainties
extreme disparity

most digital literates are beneficial

how to care those who are genetically have non digital literate ability…

please see the new generation voices towards the progressing of the singularity

Thank you

How to live after pandemic

we are in the mid of pandemic
we hopefully hope for the recovery
positivity and optimism singing
though the negativity lingering
those who flourish just
those who just decline
those who declining broke
those who broke …
how to turn back to pre pandemic life

it’s time to change the mindset
for the standard of happiness
there are many options out there
but the monopoly is singularization
how could this be?

please let the nature survive
please leave the room for those who
are under the declining level…
they can’t breath now

humanity vs. singularity

please watch the video and help the humanity to breath freely

Thank you


The Greek island of Antikythera has less than 50 inhabitants, and the Greek Orthodox Church will pay you to move there. You’ll receive a house and land, as well as €500 (around $590) a month for your first three years. You may not have a plethora of shops on the island, but it’s perfect for those who want solitude and self-sufficiency! If you want to live in a country with a rich history and culture, Greece is the perfect fit. On the island of Antikythera, you’ll experience its peace and quiet, as well as stunning beaches. It’s a rural paradise!

ancient Greece
Ideas and inventions,
from democracy
to modern medicine
put it in the history forever,
world’s best travel place
the beautiful Mediterranean Sea
and thousands of exotic islands
it’s little wonder,
has all time perfect weather
is easy and affordable to visit,
the simplest paradise
fnund in every corner..

please virtual visit to the ancient city

Thank you

poems are great ways to explore

poems are great ways to explore
when the spirits soar…

A spirit wanders in the unknown
It looks for those honesty
Is there any reality?
Is there any truth?
It wishes to be known

Can it has enough energy
Till it reaches its destination?
It just wishes for a companion
It just wants to communicate

It gets cold chill as it near
Where there is mirage
Where there is fake
Is it fantasy or real?

It finds many stories to share
Who would not want to listen
For they are voices for helps
How to lend a hand?

The spirit sees happy or sad
The spirit sees good or bad
It never really knows how to help
It prays and prays and prays

So please all listen to its tale
Then learn the ugly truth
Travellers of life experiences
The spirit’d finally found

©︎sharing thoughts creations

please enjoy the poems with beautiful poetry images and lovely sound

Thank you

mind reflection

the mind
is a reflection
of the inside.
the emotion
is a reaction
to the outside.
we can’t change
the environment.
we can change
the mindset.
how we think
influence selves.
how we percept
is optimism
when are fine.
so besure to
wear the glass
of happiness

please enjoy the video of how the mind is differ conditionally

Thank you

Mind the truth of beauty

thanks to the cold winter
we feel the spring so warm

thanks to the silent darkness
we hear the chirping so fresh

thanks to the cloudy sky
we see the sunlight so bright

thanks to the pale dim scenery
the spring is clearly the beauty

thanks to the restless dull days
the garden is the best portray

thanks to the God’s mercy
we are saved in nature’s gallery

Please enjoy the seasonal contrast of the scenic beauty of the poetry in this video

Thank you

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