Healing time

It’s Friday here
At the end of weekend
The first thing in mind
To heal the poor mind and soul
To give a good time to the body
Resetting for the next week
Thanks to all the good saviors
All the good spirits who care
The most cure on earth
Is the beautiful nature
And the beautiful songs
No harmony no life..

Please enjoy the healing time video.
May you care yourselves to be healed and relief from all the negativities.

Thank you

symmetrical beauty

symmetrical beauty
vastly show the same
reflect what is on the line
a true copy of a masterpiece
the pictures reflect well
only on days of no wind
harmony and tranquility
a must condition required
nothing to judge
when there is a misty scene
nothing to say
when there is a cloudy scene
for the perfect nature
that brighten the air
a reflection of the existence
on its dwelling own ground

Please watch the beautiful photos and listen to the sound effect.
Thank you.

The original resources

Scenic slow life
Full of natural happiness
Having abundant time
To care and festive
No rush hours
But the sweat works
Which build healthiness
Everything has a meaning
To its existence
With time evolutions
Better and worse
Cause the classes
Those who don’t evolve
Those who evolve
The fact makes me doubt
What is the cause
Of today’s polarity…
Convenience sometimes
Become the most reason of inconvenience…

Please enjoy the ancient richness lesiures.
Thank you.

A bless of light

The light
It goes everywhere
To shine on to hopes
To all the sleeping towns
Awakening of lucks
To strike with holy blessings
Transfering to the Godly glory
Power up the story
To a prosperous days

Please enjoy the light of mind poem.
If we are pure in the mind, the blessing of God will lit our lives shining more to be the good saviors to lend more of our hands to all in needs…May your heart be bright and your mind be filled with happiness and wealth..

Thank you.

Energy from Heaven

The sky
Of the magical stage
Full of untire shows
Many transformations
Unstable beauty
Nothing compare
To its vastness glory
But without the light
Nothing attracts
In the sea of uncertainty
Amid of the illusions
The light of hope
Is the shadow
Of discouragement

May the eternity of hope saves the mankind to an encouragement.

Please enjoy the songs of beautiful scenery with a poem..

Thank you.

Beautiful season

It’s a beautiful season
Though holidays were gone
Another working days start
All surrounding seems happy
Bright, soft and dreamy true
It’s like awake from wonderland
Chill to the deep trembling
Walking fast to the daily routine
To live to chase the foods
A modern hunting method
Of how to get the meat and bread
Egos collisions inevitable
In the fields of concrete
The baits of powers
Some don’t have
The hidden truth under
This peaceful pictures of snow…

May all foods hunter’s dream comes true. Share the love and share the foods in pandemic…

Please enjoy the beautiful pictures and songs.
Thank you.

Persistency in climate awareness

Thinking global warming

As Earth’s oceans grow warmer, they evaporate more moisture into the atmosphere—about 4 percent more since 1970. But these two factors, rising temperatures and increased moisture in the atmosphere, make the chances for extreme weather that much greater from here on.

The effects of global warming in the Arctic, or climate change in the Arctic include rising air and water temperatures, loss of sea ice, and melting of the Greenland ice sheet with a related cold temperature anomaly, observed since the 1970s.

A warmer Earth due to global warming makes sudden stratospheric warming events more likely and more frequent. And those events destabilize the polar vortex, bring cold air down into the mid-latitudes, and cause the extreme weather we’re experiencing right now.

Does a cold winter mean that global warming is over? No. Scientists say that severe winter weather is still to be expected from time to time. That kind of weather happens even during a long-term warming trend for the planet.

Points to ponder…

Too much or extreme is abnormal. Balanced environmental condition is the key to maintain the good weather. Do this planet has a balanced ecosystem? If the winter is too cold and the summer is too hot irregularly, ,, it’s the alarming condition. But it seems to be around the margin…ie…sometimes doubting that is there really a global warming problem?…

There are already higher in frequencies of the climate influenced severe weather than a decade ago…

When there is no doubt, it’s too late to fix…

46 degree is the maximum temperature condition to be alive.
Last year 44 degree was the maximum recorded?
Plus 0.5 degree warmer increasing per year ie. 30-35+/-10= 20-45 @2020

Another five years more, the maximum temperature is expected to go over livable zone…
The average temperature increasing rate +0.5 degree means after 20 years the average summer temperature is estimated to go near the current maximum.

Isn’t it time to smart? What is the smartest way? How to initiate before it’s too late. Cooling conditions are the only way to adapt it?
there could be the severe condition just to be in the open air outside the house or building…

Isn’t it time to smart? What is the smartest way? How to initiate before it’s too late.

In this video, please enjoy the coldness pictures and sound effect.

Thank you.

3 stages of meditation

Meditation is not just sitting
consciously in silent, but also the mindfulness in every action and thoughts.

Knowing the core of cause and effect, understanding the truth mechanism of the natural principles,
accepting and feeling the tranquillity state of the harmony…to the level of particles leading to the spiritual relief are including in the states of meditation.

Please try to find this kind of blissfulness by constant unwavering mindfulness.

In this video, there are some hints for further knowledge on this subject.

Please enjoy the merits of meditation
Thank you.

The call of the dawn

When day and night takes turns
The ticking tocking mounting anxious
The last minutes of each dark & night
The walls changes their colors
The floors shifts to variations
Wrapping in the changes uncertainty
Hypnotic moment to fall asleep
Driftic time to rise to greet the sun
Another dawn another day born
Wish all your worries gone…
For a new day will carry all the songs

Please enjoy the video.
Thank you.

May your days be bright and night be dark. We are not to against the nature but to obey the law of God..

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