Mind the truth of beauty

thanks to the cold winter
we feel the spring so warm

thanks to the silent darkness
we hear the chirping so fresh

thanks to the cloudy sky
we see the sunlight so bright

thanks to the pale dim scenery
the spring is clearly the beauty

thanks to the restless dull days
the garden is the best portray

thanks to the God’s mercy
we are saved in nature’s gallery

Please enjoy the seasonal contrast of the scenic beauty of the poetry in this video

Thank you

The unexpected condition

a surprise …
too early the rain
the unexpected event
the spell from the clouds
pouring down recklessly
making all spring wet
hanging heavily in stress
awaiting the bright light
the sun’s radiance come
to make the spring sprung
the cold spring’s song
to be sung in dew blankets
of flowers bedding fields

when the expected happy event get messed by the sudden rain..

Please remember this song.
Thank you.

Kindness is God’s power

after reflecting modern days
many hearts are tired
to know the harsh reality
i here by writing a poem to thee
to heal your mind and soul
may you feel the agape love
sending from the God above
watching the earth warmly
i will be thankful if you could do
sharing the agape God’s love
to many hearts out there
crying for the shelter of souls

may your heart be filled with hopes and positivity.

Please enjoy the poem in this video
with the healing sound.
Thank you

Happy Easter

The exact Easter day:

Easter and the holidays that are related to it are moveable feasts which do not fall on a fixed date in the Gregorian or Julian calendars which follow only the cycle of the Sun.
The date is offset from the date of Passover and is therefore calculated based on a lunisolar calendar similar to the Hebrew calendar.
No details for the computation were specified; these were worked out in practice, a process that took centuries and generated a number of controversies.
It has come to be the first Sunday after the ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or soonest after 21 March.
Even if calculated on the basis of the more accurate Gregorian calendar, the date of that full moon sometimes differs from that of the astronomical first full moon after the March equinox.

Please enjoy the Easter quotes.
Thank you

Celebrate the paradise

It’s a beautiful planet
Colorful pictures
Collecting the gallery
With a rich sense
To catch the angles
Which most entertain
Selecting these pixels
Arranging into video
Adding soft melody
To serve your joy
Feeling spring near
Virtually blooming
Soothing the mind
To relax and think
How to make
A beautiful day
To last longer be
quotes to remember
A pleasant day
Forgetting negativity
Forget the negativity
Forget the past…
A new day born
Strength to go on
RePower the life
The cure remedy
Beyond reality…

Please enjoy the spring time quotes.
Thank you.

flowers wish

many flowers
composing a poem
speechless beauty
healing to the best
painting the land
with jewelry like velvet
what they try to say
is a moment to shine
cheering the admirers
the one moment
never last forever
the lesson to learn
about the mortality
a message saying
becareful spending
life’s moment to full
never regret to bloom
a flower of kindness
to save the lone
to free from loneliness

Please enjoy the healing power of the beautiful flowers video.

Thank you.

every day is a beautiful day

every day is beautiful
God’s planet is unique
contaminated by the negativity
to escape from the ugly reality
going back to God’s planet
and feeling its beauty
is the best healing ever
why not putting the mind
on the true releasing one
for there will be no return
in the labyrinth selfishness
that afflicted the weakness

Please enjoy the song in this video link

Thank you

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