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Reading is the road to knowledge and visions for our life’s steering. Thousands of information and data are available on the internet. Choosing the right one to read is time-consuming. I would be glad if I could share my thoughts and information with you all. I hope if you could get your choice here on this blog.


Considerate to save time for your effective reading.

I will make the reviews only in brief.

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My daily discoveries

What traders do?

Study purpose blog March 10, 2020

To readers,

The reviews I posted on this blog are the collections of references from various news and social media. I do not own any reference contents and data. This is a reader’s view and my humble opinions on sharing the information, thoughts, and views. I thank you for your understanding. Please enjoy the merit of the precious information era. Please let me know if you have comments on this topic.

Financial market:

We trade financial securities and derivatives at low transaction costs in the financial market. The market provides an avenue for the sale and purchase of assets.
The market helps the flow of savings and investment in the economy by facilitating the capital and production of goods and services.

Market types

  1. Stock market
  2. Bond market
  3. Commodities market
  4. Currency market
  5. Derivatives market

Why trading in the financial market?

  1. Saving in a productive way
  2. Profiting on price differences
  3. Assets liquidity
  4. Low cost
  5. Easy access.
  6. Risk-sharing information

Why a normal person must try to trade?

You can be a trader by trading online or e-trading with your home computer. The requirement to start trading is to register to brokers of excellent reputations. But, learning the rules of how to trade and the fundamental knowledge of the financial market are required to prepare. Start with demo trading to make sure you can win trading in the markets.
Some people trade with little preparation and make a big loss. If you want to be a trader, there is no shortcut but to learn the required knowledge to qualify for trading. Some people trade as a career earning good money which is higher than salary income. So, it is worth a try. Who knows, you don’t have that trading talent? Trading needs no high educational background. If you enjoy buying and selling, managing money, and being interesting in the news, you can trade. If you are a disciplined person, then it is a plus. The more you master trading, the more you make a profit. You can contribute to the economic cycle like a businessman.
Trading needs no company establishment. You are free to trade everywhere on earth as long as there is a high-speed internet connection. Many millionaires are born this way.

Steps to be a trader

  1. Learn from successful traders
  2. Learn the market’s knowledge from books and websites
  3. Create a trading strategy
  4. Test trading skill by demo-account
  5. Set goal
  6. Start small

Why is trading exciting?

1) When the economy is strong, the up and down trend is stable and it is exciting to predict the trend. If you learn the basic knowledge to trade, you will know when to buy or sell to make a profit.

2) When the economy is weak, the trend becomes unstable, and it is risky to catch the right trade entry. A sudden trend change could happen during the weak interval. If you learn how to trade, you can manage this by risk management strategy.

Thus, you can trade all the time regardless of the economic condition. It is wise to choose the right market type at the right time. Many successful traders make money throughout the year because they have a strategy for every market situation. They can even win in the Crisis market.

My reviews
I am not recommending, but I sincerely share what I have learned about being a trader could be a profitable solution if you master the essential rules. Good luck and wealth to you all.

I will update more in the coming blogs. In this uncertain era, preparation is the right thing to do. Hope you enjoy this blog. For further information, please go to the source in the link below.


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Considerate to save time for your effective reading, I will make the reviews only in brief. For details, the reference sites will be shared occasionally. The reviews will be summarized in brief.

To readers,

The reviews I posted on this blog are the collections of references from various news and social media. I do not own any reference contents and data. This is a reader’s view and my humble opinions on sharing the information, thoughts, and views. Let us pray for the benefits of the world and may peace be on earth. I thank you for your understanding. Please enjoy the merit of the precious information era. Please let me know if you have comments on this topic.


How to cope with the Corona crisis

Why coronavirus is dangerous?

March 8, 2020

The virus is a protein that has many spikes (spike protein ref.) on its structure. These spikes can hook on the receptors of the human’s body cells, i.e. lung cells. Once they bind cellular receptors, the virus fuse with the human’s cell membrane. Once infected, the lung will be highly mucus that it causing difficulty in breathing, headache, high fever, dullness, coughing, pneumonia, severe respiratory distress syndrome, and multiple organ failures. It is a deadly virus. (Photo: Unsplash)

Why do humans fear coronavirus infections?

As mentioned above, once the virus gets into our respiratory system, it will harm the body within a short period. How do they get into our bodies? From the nose, mouth, and the openings which lead to the respiratory organs. If they are attached to the clothes or body parts, they should be killed by the disinfectants before it’s too late. The link below is the result of google surfing. (Ref. What kill coronavirus and the right disinfectants)

We don’t know if we contact the virus in our daily activities. So disinfection is the only thing we can do. It stays in the body for 2 weeks, showing no symptoms. Therefore, the infections are spread widely by humans who don’t know they are infected by the virus. They even spread around the world by infected travelers. The infection rate is fast since the transportation systems are so speedy. Besides, human population density is higher compared to ancient times. The best thing to do is to stay at home. Schools are closed and public gatherings are prohibited in some countries. Pray for the world and save people from this unseen fear of the virus.


Early tests of the virus infection or early treatment could win the virus? But the test equipment is limited. Therefore, people should make less gathering not to spread more. Economically damage is inevitable. I too have to stay at home to look after my child because the school was closed for a month. Since I have time, I decided to share what I learned from the internet about this coronavirus via my blog. I suggest living healthily and eating healthy to boost the metabolism and resistance of our bodies. Not all infectious people die of the virus, some even get better after treatment. It is important not to distribute the virus by ourselves.

What I do to protect my family from the infection

  1. Cook well done meat (no raw)
  2. Vegetables are boiled (no raw)
  3. Drink lemon juice
  4. Sleep at least 6 hours per day
  5. Jumping for exercise
  6. Drink enough water (1L/d for adult)
  7. Mask, hat, glass protection when going outside
  8. Avoid contact with things as much as possible
  9. Spray the disinfectants to mat, clothes, blankets, etc.
  10. Wash the clothes with disinfectant detergents
  11. Wash hands or spray disinfectants or dispose glove after touching the public place’s door nobs or buttons etc.
  12. Change the bedsheet more than regular frequency
  13. Keep or stay in the good ventilation surrounding
  14. Work from home
  15. Use wet disinfectant tissues to wipe out the spit after someone’s coughing near
  16. Stay away from other people for at least 3m further away etc.

One day humans will overcome this virus crisis. We are in the mid of the accelerating rate of infections now. Calm and wise actions will help reduce the problems. Pray for the quick recovery from this virus crisis.

—End of my reviews—

Cooking Articles:

Pexels photos

About Curry Spices

March 15, 2020

Today I cooked beef curry, and I studied the curry spices to make a blog update. Curry is very easy to cook and convenient for housewives. The onions, vegetables, meat, beans, and fruits can be cooked with curry spices. Various recipes are possible. Flavors like coconut and yogurts also can be added for more taste variations. That means, cooking various curries every day is possible eg. dry curry, paste curry, and soup curry with different amounts of spices. It can serve for 2~3 days if it is fridge enough. On busy days, curry not only saves your time but also boosts your stamina. Children like curry and they even eat a second plate. The spices not only boost our metabolism but also kill the bacteria in the body. The health benefits of the spices are high level. How about cooking a curry menu every week for your health? PS. Don’t make it salty.

Ingredients of CURRY SPICES and their health benefits

Coriander powder:

Health benefits: Lower blood sugar and cholesterol, antioxidants, manage anxiety, digestion, appetite stimulant, reduce bloating, fight infections, protect skin aging and sun damage, etc.

( For non-curry -> Coriander leaf: Add fresh in any meats or salads or soups)

Garam masala: A mix of spoon ratio with 1/2 Black pepper, 1/2 Cardamom, 1/2 Cinnamon, 1 Cloves, 1/2 Coriander, 1.5 Cumin, 1/2 Nutmeg

Health benefits: Digestion, antioxidants, regulate blood pressure, heart health, reduce inflammation, lower cancer risk, fights oral bacteria, enhance nutrient absorption, defend diabetes, protect nerve system, etc.

Turmeric powder:

Health benefits: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, fat soluble, fight foreign bodies, repair damage, protect the body from free radicals, reversing brain and age-related diseases, improve memory, regulate blood clotting and pressure, kill cancerous cells, reduce tumors growth, reduce the spread of cancer, reduce joints inflammation, antidepressant, boost serotonin and dopamine, anti-aging supplement, aid longevity.

Green cardamom:

Health benefits: Antimicrobial, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes, heart health, oral health, liver health, anti-cancer, ulcer prevention, vitamin, minerals, fiber, etc.

Red chili powder:

Health benefits: Decrease swelling of sore joints, kill stomach bacteria, fight fats, vitamin C, antioxidant, the release of endorphins.

Cumin seeds:

Health benefits: Promote digestion, rich iron, antioxidants, improve blood sugar and cholesterol control, weight loss, reduce food-borne illness, reduce drug addiction, decrease inflammation.

Health benefits summary of the curry spices

  1. Boost immune system
  2. Relieve pain of arthritis
  3. Prevent Alzheimer
  4. Good for the heart
  5. Ease digestion
  6. Lower cholesterol
  7. Boost metabolism
  8. Lower organs inflammation
  9. Anti cancer
  10. Anti aging
  11. Good for organs

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