what will disappear from this planet when deceasing begins

may all our actions and reactions be harmless to our surroundings directly and indirectly

may all people’s voices of difficulties be heard and answered

heating the fire is not the way to distinguish the heat of anger

may there be love in every action and reaction..

helping the weaks is called dignity

please watch the video here to learn why this planet is now filled with many tragedies..

nature’s phenomenon, it’ll happen, it’ll end, it’ll begin again, will be broken and deceased again to form as a new planet again..

ref from book: innocent controversies
ref from book: innocent controversies

may you find spiritual freedom whenever you stuck in difficulties

thank you

it’s time to think of unity for humanity?

In my first book, there is a chapter of how humans should be copromised as one related to the disaster we are facing now. Please read and spread the idea of oneness of God’s will.

in this time of multiple disasters, what will you choose? ego? or unity? humanity? or lost in uncertainty? or living positive? follow God’s rules?
the only hope is God and being positive. yes, may you find the best solution for humanity.

Book Review: Innocent Controversies by Yuriko M. — Cristian Mihai

Why do we do what we do? Why do we dream the dreams that we dream? Or think the thoughts that we think? What inner workings compel us to make certain decisions? Inner Controversies is a a book about those mechanisms of the mind, about the way we construct reality based on a sort-of dialogue […]

Book Review: Innocent Controversies by Yuriko M. — Cristian Mihai


Please enjoy the happy reading during your holidays. 30,000 words 2h read

You will surely get a simple key to your peaceful mindset.

Please contact me and you are welcome, if you would like to share your comments on this book.

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my first book cover (C)

“The reality of living in simplicity,

is free to our choices to escape from

all the sufferings and controversial thoughts.”

By Yuriko.M

“A writing journey

Within my mind

Reflecting the era

Dreaming of beauty

Trapped in realities…

By Yuriko.M

“A picture of the earth

Decorated by genes with times

In harmony with controversy

Routines build the systems

Simple solutions for dilemma

Devotion of perseverance…

By Yuriko.M

About my publishing: I started to write by the end of 2019. It took 4 months for me to complete my first copy. My dream to publish a book in 2020 is realized thanks to all supports. I am glad if this book could accompany you during your quarantine. Wish you a happy reading.

All aspects in one book, a simple vision through problems, a fresh philosophical point of views, some humors, … and more interesting contents….Please don’t lose this opportunity to know more about me and the big picture of the world. You will be part of the book when you go through the book chapter by chapter. I am appreciated your challenging on my first book decorated with positive and negative conversations. Please share me your controversial thoughts too. 🤩✨📚📖📘

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