Sentimental moment of time

A time we have
A time we share
A time of sentiment
A time we live
A time we hope
A time we dream
A time not yet come
The best time of all

But the pasts
We experienced
We achieved
We cherished
We made
We overcome
We never forget

We have been through all these times as long as we live

Some make success
Some make love
Some make future
Some slip away chances

Nomatter what
Time is infinite
Life is just pieces of time

May you find the best part of life, though it’s just a moment of time granted for every good time

May you be strong enough in this long journey of hardship

Thank you

Speechless numbness in freedom

ways to interact
pieces of thoughts
scattered all around
a dead emotion
revoke in a zombie heart

a deep breath
just a deep breath
refresh all hatred
into a loving brag

please enjoy the poem of speechless in freedom

may your glorious time be real in meditation abstaining from illusions

thank you

Influence of frequency on virus and bacteria

Virus and bacteria are inactivated in high frequency range of ultrasound and visible light.

The planet we are living today is full of dangerous frequency activities and happenings.

Most of the humans are being treated in the negative frequency behaviors.

The less love and positivity around us will lead to more of virus and bacteria.

The less clean air will be if more of the negative and dangerous frequencies are releasing.

To win the viral and bacterial hazards, our planet must clean its messy frequencies that make them stronger.

please check the experiment abstract in this video on the study of Virus inactivation at high frequency ultrasound in combination with visible light.

ref: 2013study

May the mind and action be clean with positivity.
May the environment be filled with the habitable atmosphere.

Healthy habitable environment awareness video

thank you

Oh! snowflakes cheer of X’mas time

Out of the blossom of the snow,
Out of the cloud garments shaken,
Showering O’ ver the woodlands,
O’ver the plane fields,
Silenty, softly it snows.

O’ver the cloudy fancy lake
Gently it dances to melt away,
As the flakes make shapes
In the white sculpture,
Beautifully, bravely it draws.

This is the time of Christmas,
The sacred moment of fun and fair,
To fill the long winter,
With the widespread of asterisks,
Gradually falls the fluffy cold.

please enjoy the snow flakes beauty in this video with the sweet melody

snow flakes try to cheer every one, but, not every one loves snow…even snow can’t make every one satisfy, how can a human make? but we can make our our own mind to be nobel especially at this time of Christmas season..

thank you

Poem for christmas joyful season

Under the Christmas tree,

There are many beautiful deers.

The room is filled with the sweet smells,

From the hanging cookies in the tree.

The place is filled with glittering lights,

With the glorious decorations.

The front door jingles with jingle bell,

The wonderful sound of Christmas wreaths.

All around the town,

People are playing a Christmas song.

Christmas time is near,

Can’t wait to Santa’s surprise.

What people love most of all,

Is a charity pride to show.

This special Christmas time,

Is a very special to everyone.

To stay warm and wish,

To play around the house,

With dears and loved ones.

Wishing this special time to be the best for all the readers of this site.

another year is going to leave and another year is near…

thank you

Immortality by the spiritualism

immortality by the spiritualism
forever existing somehow
somewhere in the universe
suspending around the entanglement
twining with the near or same types
of spirits in the sea of atoms
hopes to be union with loved ones
how wonderfully made the law
of the universe, planets, sun & stars
which one are you belonged to?

please enjoy the freedom in spirits
Thank you

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