A Complete Memory of A Soul

In life
there’s black and white
not all the darkness is gloom
nor all the brightness is bless
but all are happening for a reason
to make you a complete soul
to cherish humanity
with a better you
to do more and more good deeds
but if you don’t know
what the harmony is
then you’ll never know
what life is meant to be
day and night
light and dark
all are a part of life
to build you up
to knock you down
to make a complete soul

please enjoy the poem of a complete memory in this video

may you find someone who will complete you to be a better you and be a superstar of every one’s peace and hope..

thank you

Quotes on miracles

A miracle has begun secretly
Silently that is always disguised
That no one’s noticed
In the very first place
That it’s most of the time
Slipped away from taking chances
Miracles do come to bless
Where and when is the right time
To whom it’s meant to be
Especially on Christmas time
So be pure and innocent
For whatever you do
Make sure you are truely
God’s obedient one

Happy days ahead and miracles await
May you find your miracles around you

thank you:)

A new season for a new astrological turning point

The End Of Jupiter Retrograde On Nov. 23

On the same day as the new moon in Sagittarius, the cosmic archer’s planetary ruler Jupiter will wrap up its annual retrograde period after nearly four months of backspinning. It feels ultra auspicious to have Jupiter stationing direct at the time of a Sagittarius-ruled lunation — especially since the new moon will be forming a lucky trine aspect to Jupiter, too. With Jupiter retrograde ending, we can look forward to feeling more galvanized in our beliefs and philosophies, and will begin to embrace all the expansive paradigm shifts that have taken place within our spirits over the past months.

please enjoy this video for more new astrology information on a new moon

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Passion on the eve of eclipse

even the rare eclipse do happens
why not your dream comes true

even the moon once black and once red
why not you be your other you

don’t care the shadows
cause it’s just a while to last

even though there are thousands of full
but a minute of eclipse steals the show

a complex thoughts on the eclipse night
hold tight to your destiny

may your dreams come true

please enjoy the another eclipse poem in this video

uranus and moon eclipse coincidence happened again after 442years

another coincidence will be seen in the next 322years

thank you

Happy Halloween Everyone! It’s time to enjoy the spooky moment!

on one darkest night
i saw a stranger
staring at me
quickly switch on the lamp
nothing was there…

guess what!

in the brightest day
there come the stranger
lingering near me
quickly turn around
nothing was there

guess what?

it’s always there around you..

a guardian spirit? or a guard angle?

please enjoy the halloween quotes in this video

sometimes, it’s good to be in fear to increase the concentration power for study

thank you

Cute wild autumn blooms

i found the wild flowers
blooming in my garden

i picked up the words of flowers
into my room of poems

i decorated the pictures of flowers
in my memorable diaries

i remember the tale of flowers
in my mind..

the wild carnations remind
the note of self-effacement of a very young and gentle lady..

please check in the video to read the note..

thank you

Happy Thanks Giving Poem by Lydia Maria

Thanksgiving Day

Over the river, and through the wood
Trot fast, my dapple-gray!
Spring over the ground,
Like a hunting-hound!
For this is Thanksgiving Day.
Over the river, and through the wood,
And straight through the barn-yard gate.
We seem to go
Extremely slow,—
It is so hard to wait!
Over the river and through the wood—
Now grandmother’s cap I spy!
Hurrah for the fun!
Is the pumpkin’s pie done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin-pie!

please enjoy this cute poem of the lovely

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