Avatar’s quest to the freedom

as the world’s evolving
step by step into a new era
the arts and literature
the poems and songs
the emotion of daily life
are transformed
into a new way
of expression

please enjoy the Aavatar’s emotion in this poem

it’s like every thing’s going to be fine with great inspiration in the virtual world, while the real world’s evolution is on the go

thank you

A new herbinger

The harbinger of change has come,
A new day, a new freedom to be won,
A pioneer of hope, with courage in hand,
A journey to freedom, through this new land.

The precursor of a brighter tomorrow,
A vision of hope, free from sorrow,
A herald of a new beginning,
A chance to break free, and start living.

The omen of a new era, with wings unfurled,
A beacon of light, to light up the world,
A sign of progress, and of liberation,
A symbol of unity, for every nation.

The signal of a new dawn, a brand-new start,
A new beginning, a change of heart,
The portent of a brighter day,
A chance to grow, and find our way.

The indicator of a new path, with promise and grace,
A journey of freedom, with no limits to trace,
The augury of a new hope, that we all deserve,
A new freedom, a new world, that we all preserve.

please enjoy the poem of a new message in this video

thank you

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