Hearthy transformation to a real world!

tik be quick to be good
tok don’t smoke

tik be brave to be good
tok don’t stalk

tik be rich to be good
tok don’t fog

tik be tip to be good
tok don’t nod

tik be sticky to goodness
tok don’t mock

tik believe to goodness
tok don’t talk

tik be greed in good
tok don’t toss

tik be wit in good
tok don’t odd

tik tok
times rock!
the clocks run

tik tok
God’s talk
please work!

may you work, and your work be good, and may your work give you enough foods

sometimes people lost their morals for the easy lucrative incentives

may you be honest and dare to do the truth

many gratitudes to those who are trying so hard to help the innocent people…

thank you

A story of Wandering Stars

from far away
cry the stars
cry out for freedom
in the crowded atmosphere
too many stars
losing their ways
back to one’s own milkyway

please enjoy another stars of wandering in this video

where are you, humanity
when you lost, please search for the light
that will guide you through your destiny
and be the guiding star for those
who are lost and lonely

thank you

The Holy Spirit Bible Quotes

A spiritual gift or charism (plural: charisms or charismata; in Greek singular: χάρισμα charisma, plural: χαρίσματα charismata) is an extraordinary power given by the Holy Spirit. These are believed by followers to be supernatural graces which individual Christians need (and which were needed in the days of the Apostles) to fulfill the mission of the Church. In the narrowest sense, it is a theological term for the extraordinary graces given to individual Christians for the good of others and is distinguished from the graces given for personal sanctification, such as the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

These abilities, often termed “charismatic gifts”, are the word of knowledge, increased faith, the gifts of healing, the gift of miracles, prophecy, the discernment of spirits, diverse kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues. To these are added the gifts of apostles, prophets, teachers, helps (connected to service of the poor and sick), and governments (or leadership ability) which are connected with certain offices in the Church. These gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to individuals, but their purpose is to build up the entire Church. They are described in the New Testament, primarily in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12,and Ephesians 4. 1 Peter 4 also touches on the spiritual gifts.

The gifts are related to both seemingly “natural” abilities and seemingly more “miraculous” abilities, empowered by the Holy Spirit. The two major opposing theological positions on their nature is that they ceased long ago or that they continue (Cessationism versus Continuationism).

Christians understand the spiritual gifts to be enablements or capacities that are divinely bestowed upon individuals. Because they are freely given by God, these cannot be earned or merited. Though worked through individuals, these are operations or manifestations of the Holy Spirit—not of the gifted person. They are to be used for the benefit of others, and in a sense they are granted to the church as a whole more than they are given to individuals. There is diversity in their distribution—an individual will not possess all of the gifts.The purpose of the spiritual gifts is to edify (build up), exhort (encourage), and comfort the church.

It is generally acknowledged that Paul did not list all of the gifts of the Spirit, and many believe that there are as many gifts as there are needs in the body of Christ. The gifts have at times been organized into distinct categories based on their similarities and differences to other gifts. Some divide them into three categories using Old Testament offices. “Prophetic” gifts include any gift involving teaching, encouraging, or rebuking others. “Priestly” gifts include showing mercy and care for the needy or involve intercession before God. “Kingly” gifts are those involving church administration or government. Others categorize them into “gifts of knowledge” (word of wisdom, word of knowledge, distinguishing between spirits), “gifts of speech” (tongues, interpretation, prophecy), and “gifts of power” (faith, healing, miracles). The gifts have also been categorized as those that promote the inner growth of the church (apostle, prophecy, distinguishing between spirits, teaching, word of wisdom/knowledge, helps, and administration) and those that promote the church’s outer development (faith, miracles, healing, tongues, interpretation of tongues).

While not specifically defined as spiritual gifts in the Bible, other abilities and capacities have been considered as spiritual gifts by some Christians. Some are found in the New Testament such as:
celibacy (1 Corinthians 7:7) fellowship
hospitality (1 Peter 4:9–10) intercession (Romans 8:26–27) marriage (1 Corinthians 7:7)(effective) witnessing (Acts 1:8, 5:32, 26:22, 1 John 5:6)
Others are found in the Old Testament such as: craftsmanship (such as the special abilities given to artisans who constructed the Tabernacle in Exodus 35:30–33) interpretation of dreams (e.g. Joseph and Daniel) in Genesis 43-50, Daniel 2 composing spiritual music, poetry, and prose.

source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiritual_gift

please enjoy the bible quotes on the Holy Spiritual gifts to individuals to build up the entire Church, described in the New Testament, primarily in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12,and Ephesians 4. 1 Peter 4 in this video

thank you

Dos and Don’ts for 2023 Water Rabbit Year

Every year
There’re messages of ancient astrology
How to live a year
To correct the power of universe
There’re hints to our fates
How to approach a goal
By the frequency of planetary locality

Here in this video, you’ll learn the nature of the year and how to live for positivity and how to avoid negativity

may this year be your best year

thank you

Another year’s end

Another Year’s End
Now winter downs
Fading of the year

And night is long
A settlement of cold
Falling of the snow

From top of the sky
To the streets
To the rooms of houses   
Gathering the frozen wind

From bottom of the heart
To the families
To the loved ones
Sending warm wishes

I’ve known the wind
Telling an icy story
I’ve known the wishes
Hoping another new year

Scenery by water banks
Benches freezing to shake
The late leaves flying down
Frozing slowly one by one

White dancers fluttering
Painting all winter long
Into a glassy lake to glow
Into the most perfect show

As far as eyes can reach
Seeing changeless lands of ice
Like palaces of patience
Like orgels of dreamlands

Gradually step into the future
Guiding by the icy tapestries
A wonder of applauses
Come muffled from above
A New-year is wrangling
To step in with the snow

please enjoy this year end poem with a cute song of a winter romance

time is fast
time is slow
but people grow older and older
time doesn’t stop
time goes on
but people don’t have much time
time is just in mind
what matter is to make the time
a precious moment of truth and kindness

thank you

Christmas is in the air

The air is tight
With hues of coldness
Though the light of you
Shine bright with surprise
And rich with laughters
And joy with singings
Young hearts beat high
And shoppers busy
And bells are ringing
But silence falls of snow
And there’s fun and play
Ah, well a day

please enjoy this poem in this video with decorated christmas photos and melody

are you busy prepairing for the holidays?
don’t forget to relax and take a deep breath coz Christmas is in the air..

thank you

Poem for the Cindrella and Aladin

Each moment of the days
Celebrated all alone
In this crowded world

Sometime bore and dare
Sometime cold in despair

Need to be more lighter
To fly above difficulties

Need to be more swift
To gliding up the stairs

A dizzy aspiration
To take to a fantasy
Through rain soaked lilacs
Through a helping heart
To a whole new world
As night descended
As light sparkles
Good blessings reveal

Choices of grace
The sweet gate opened up
And in the darkness shining
And slowly reclining
Found a gentle lark
Awaking of kindness
Touched by the quiet serene
And vein pulsed in speed
Mountains smoked
And oceans swarmed
A throne of joy in the palm
Belonging only to the dear

Speech mixed with words
No language can speak well
Like a language of love
A new sense evolved
A new king is born
And the sky opens
Behind the fate
Lays the first dream

please enjoy the poem of the story for aladin in this video

sometimes birds’ eyes view is better than a narrow minded view

thank you

A Complete Memory of A Soul

In life
there’s black and white
not all the darkness is gloom
nor all the brightness is bless
but all are happening for a reason
to make you a complete soul
to cherish humanity
with a better you
to do more and more good deeds
but if you don’t know
what the harmony is
then you’ll never know
what life is meant to be
day and night
light and dark
all are a part of life
to build you up
to knock you down
to make a complete soul

please enjoy the poem of a complete memory in this video

may you find someone who will complete you to be a better you and be a superstar of every one’s peace and hope..

thank you

Quotes on miracles

A miracle has begun secretly
Silently that is always disguised
That no one’s noticed
In the very first place
That it’s most of the time
Slipped away from taking chances
Miracles do come to bless
Where and when is the right time
To whom it’s meant to be
Especially on Christmas time
So be pure and innocent
For whatever you do
Make sure you are truely
God’s obedient one

Happy days ahead and miracles await
May you find your miracles around you

thank you:)

A new season for a new astrological turning point

The End Of Jupiter Retrograde On Nov. 23

On the same day as the new moon in Sagittarius, the cosmic archer’s planetary ruler Jupiter will wrap up its annual retrograde period after nearly four months of backspinning. It feels ultra auspicious to have Jupiter stationing direct at the time of a Sagittarius-ruled lunation — especially since the new moon will be forming a lucky trine aspect to Jupiter, too. With Jupiter retrograde ending, we can look forward to feeling more galvanized in our beliefs and philosophies, and will begin to embrace all the expansive paradigm shifts that have taken place within our spirits over the past months.

please enjoy this video for more new astrology information on a new moon

thank you

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