The peaceful virtual tour

The mind is stable in a slow and steady environment. When in the busy and glittering, it is sensitive and unstable. So, frequently giving the mind a chance to exhale in the peaceful visiting sites is necessary. Especially, during this restricted social distance time, the mind is unstable and needs to relax. Do you care about your mind to the best today? This video will give you a brief tour to get a comfortable look around the town. Please enjoy and may your mind be filled with virtual satisfaction. Thank you.

Awareness for Corona

The world is still struggling in the virus crisis. I just listed up tips of what we can do to reduce the risk of infection. Daily care and constant mindfulness in disinfection are essential for every individual. This is the Humans unity against the virus unity power testimonials. Of course, Humans are not uniform and still, some are not disciplined, yet. I am glad if this video gives you some ideas. Thank you for watching it.

guide the wandering mind

If you have a good someone to care you, trying is easier. But when you try at no one’s aroud to encourage, it’s hard…Thanks for a good care and a blessed environment. Let’s build each other’s life to make life a lot easier…by caring more. Many are suffered during this corona crisis…When one is part of all , don’t let one’s fall or all will collapse…The magic bond is God’s love. Please share the good and love. Please enjoy the videos @ YouTube channel.


oh dear!

Along the journey of our adventure for the challenge time, the mind is cured and saved by the unexpected blessings amid of nowhere.

This blessing will forever remain in our hearts.

Never forget to give a helping hand to someone who is needy…

Do you have a person to be thankful for? Are you the one who is a savior?

In the time of crisis, we need many saviors…

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Good actions


Do we really care about ourselves?
Healthy actions make a healthy body and soul.
The body is designed to be a blissful experience.
Our evolutionary biology ensures that everything necessary for our survival makes us feel good.
All animals seek pleasure and avoid pain.
Therefore, our brain has a wellspring of self-produced neurochemicals that turn the pursuits and struggles of life into pleasure and make us feel happy when we achieve them.
This biological design is generous but lays dormant in many.
One of the side effects of living in a digital age is that we are increasingly removed from our physicality and each other.
Our biology is short-circuiting.
The balance of neurochemicals that evolved for millennia has been disrupted by our modern life. The goal is to prescribe simple lifestyle choices and changes in behavior that can improve human potential.

Who dares to be peaceful?

Who dare to risk one’s life for someone else?

Who care to protect others with their own hearts?

Less they got, but they paid more than their worths

Why did they have to do this?

To obey the orders by who cared less of others’ lives and knew no peace…

Against God’s will, they served their nations….

Who to blame???

Pray for fewer fights, and praise for sacrifice hearts…

May peace be on earth…

May peace be in their families’ hearts…

Can you hear the memorial voices saying messages of peace…?

(A philosophical poem for the memorial day)

Flexibility & Positivity

Accustomed to daily habits

Ritual gets stronger and stronger

Stubborn in control gradually

Caught in stillness, motionlessly…

Helpless in self ego mining

Forgetting the meaning of flexibility

Stop and think for a second

Always distracting by the appearances…

Losing to get the inner peace of mind

Cannot understand the reality

Lack of flexibility always

A true meaning of life…

The right definition of humans

Perceiving not other’s weakness

But one’s own sensitivity

Indulge in the positivity or what…

May tomorrow be in goodness

Show to God the purity of mind

No doubt round about nowhere

May the eyes see the natural beauty

To please the Highness…

video version of the poem @YouTube
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