Open Arms

Open Arms
Open arms and let one knows way to reality
Together we can embrace one another all around the world to tranquility
It’s a magnificent time for magnificent things for being together and for one another
In thee loving arms in see the world a new light
A world with open arms a magnificent moment for me and you and for all of us
Come closer and let all see what is the dignity
Open thee arms and heart for you to see the nobel serenity
It’s so easy to receive and release such love with open arms
How do humanity’s short of tenderness and love
How can open arms sooth the pain and bring them smiles
Together with love open arms starts with a peaceful poem
We can share this love, our open arms to the world around us
There’s enough love to go around
Open your arms to all and bless them with a smile
Keep your smiles on your faces, you never know how it save lives
It’s a small world and open arms can reach us all
Together in harmony with love open arms welcomes us all
It’s a magnificent time for magnificent words and actions
Open your arms to your love ones and someone in needs
Plant this seed of connection joy and love
Together it’s a magnificent time for open arms
A poem dedicated for peace and love

please enjoy the poem with beautiful melody in this video

thank you

please enjoy the poem with beautiful melody in this video

thank you

How to fairplay?

Is there such a thing as fairness?
It turns out that the same areas in the brain that make us feel angry, sad, scared, or happy also create our sense of fairness—this means our sense of fairness is a very emotional reaction.

Is life fair to everyone?
Most of us would say that life is not always fair. We have our own set of grouses against people, events, occurrences and circumstances. But every one of us would like to believe that natural justice does exist.

Here are different ideas about fairness:
Sameness: There is the fairness where everything is equal. No one has more than another. Fairness is finding the average and applying it across the board. This is fairness as equality of outcome.
Deservedness: Fairness means keeping what you deserve and deserving nothing if it isn’t earned. Fairness is a rational calculation. This is fairness as individual freedom.
Need: Fairness takes into account the facts that humans have obligations to one another and the more one has the more is demanded of that person to contribute to the common good. Fairness and responsibility are linked. Compassion plays a role in the calculation of fairness. This is fairness as social justice.

please enjoy tips to be fair in this video with final fantasy music

funny points to ponder,
whatever we think fair is never fair at all
when we sacrifice, there’s no end to it
that’s why it’s easier to be ego
it’s time to dare to fair:)

thank you

Digital transformation by Excel

Digital Transformation into the Future

The aim of digital transformation is to connect people, data, and systems to enable greater collaboration, efficiency, and insight. In many ways, spreadsheets have held companies back from these objectives.

With the pandemic, companies realized they needed a digital enterprise to enable remote work, and as conditions evolve, it’s important to have the agility to continually adapt. Toward this end, digital solutions have low- or no-code configuration, so it’s just as simple to setup as spreadsheets, but with governance guardrails that ensure the core design is not wrecked. And with an end-to-end view of data, companies can uncover opportunities to deliver better products faster and more affordably, thus gaining a competitive edge in today’s difficult times.

Written by Tom Brennan

please enjoy further more info. on digital transformation by free excel templates
in this video

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What are the purposes of life?

what are the purposes of life?
what is the meaning of being a human?
what on earth is the responsibility?
nothing is decided
nothing is defined
what is sure is,
what we are doing is what we are
we encounter what we are destined for
what we are facing is what we can do
we are already granded,
what we have to achieve what we can
if you stuck in difficulties,
then you need to relax

please enjoy more philosophy in this video

may you know what you do
and be proud of what you are doing

thank you

Why Zinc is a necessity for longevity and better immunity

Thanks to foods variations nowadays,
humans could easily get their nutritions to keep good health.
The longevity gets increasing gradually.
But why are humanbeings getting weaker to the corona virus?
Is humans getting weaker?
Or is virus getting stronger?
Or is the environmental stress getting extremely worse?
Or are humans in malnutrition?

Here in this video, the nutrition required for keeping the immunity and longevity is summaried. Please enjoy and wish you a long live and good luck.

my thoughts..
what are humans for?
to live a happy life?
to succeed in life?
to endure the oldness, pain, disease and suffer death at the end?
in this vulnerable sensitive highly stressed planet, everything is just a result of chemical reactions.
but what can’t be controlled is the soul which is unseen, that if we know how to deal with the inner power, nothing’s too much a matter..
still can’t find the answer to this what are humans for?

Why do turtles live longer?
Because they use less energy, consume small amount of foods, are slow in metabolism,..,move slowly.
A good reference to longevity is that, the lesson turtles give to us is a message from God, that says, a small body lives and acts accordingly to its size and stays in harmony with its surrounding. Never live against its nature as a cold blooded creature. In the contrary, what will happen if the turtles have to run or eat a lot, .., move fast against God’s program for turtles? Living beyond the limit, a challenging daily lives, they cost humans a pandemic.,

the better humans aim, the more discontented it’ll be, the less the challenges, the quieter and tranquil it’ll be..

thank you

Results or Regrets

Why are introvert often seen as cowards? Is extraversion often associated with courage and bravery?

There are two kinds of courage and bravery.

External, which often associated with physical strength and viciousness. It is a good quality. Everyone should be brave externally to ensure his own survival and the survival of his off-spring.

Internal bravery is what catches my eye, when you are different such is the case of INFP’s and have to go through life misunderstood because you value feelings and understand them on a deeper level.

That in itself is bravery, as much as people would like to consider vulnerablity and harmony seeking as cowardice and weakness, they will always fall short because it’s the very essence that made us survive for so long.

Yes strength can be found in extraversion and out-goingness, but also can be found in introversion and vulnerability.

please enjoy the poem of results or regrets in this video with the song named adventure

take it easy
go with your own pace
you are who you are
don’t copy other’s success
because you are made to be successful in a different way, 🙂

thank you

How to save Energy by a compact method

To be prepared for the extreme weather environment,

the world is seriously in need of the initiation on “do less, save more”circulation

examples of flexibility, habitability and adaptibility for humanity’s wellness

mobility housing
people must gather and live near their work places, schools, etc.

future vehicles
sharing safety and green mobility to enjoy beautiful nature

compact economy
all are linked and made eco friendly to a healthy circulation

please enjoy a whole new world song with the concept on how to save energy

we can’t stop the world turning
and so do the extreme climate
what’s your choice?

no forever and so do sustainability
but a little bit more rooms to adaptation is the only…

thank you

A Ⓜ️essage on How to save the world from extreme climate challenges

Make electricity while the sunshines

Save water while it rains

Use solar panels while it’s sunny

Collect water while it’s rainy

Not all the roofs has solar panels

Not all the land has enough water reservoirs

The precious sunny day ends with fussing in sweaty way

The valuable water drains in floods for it can’t go where it’s needed

Airconditions much more than solars, oh how not prudent

Rivers and drainage trenches are too narrow and shallow to hold the heavy rains caused by the extreme weather, that drains the bulldozers away?

Yes, in the ancient days, people make hay while the sunshine

Todays, people make so many ways that needed to focus on the most priority ie., to make use of the natural free resources

people do have very good technologies but the barrier of lacking paper cash and notes, :), people can’t use while it’s the urgent time to use

Think! i just humbly think! what if all the paper cash and notes could turn into solars and water reservoirs for every household???

what is the BEST power of using money for?

the most effective way to use paper notes is to turn them into the basic humans’ necessity to a stable level?

donate the people suffered by the disaster is too late

prevention is better than cure

TO BE SMART humans, TO HAVE A SMART climate solution, every house must have sun and water reservoirs system

Pray for A SMATER World!!!

humans <<< natural phenomenons

but by just paper notes, people can change the world, in deed, if they really dare to DO, 🙂

humans + paper notes >>> natural disasters

Be inspired to shape our resident, the earth, by a new way of monetary system to deal with the alarming extreme climate prones problems

thank you for reading

please spread this message and love to all around you

many energy, many water, many lands..

why there’s energy shortage, water shortage, and homelessness on earth?

no saving, but just spend thrifting and buying spree?

time to awake from imprudentness, jmho

Advantages and Disadvantages of printing Money

Paper money, if it is issued and regulated carefully, is without any disadvantage. All countries issue paper currency, and, in normal times, they do not suffer from it in any manner. Besides, fiscal advantages of printing the paper currency are undoubtedly very great, especially in times of national emergencies like a war. A modern war cannot be prosecuted by taxes or loans alone. All governments have to resort to the printing press.

Only when it is over-issued, it becomes a great danger. It may cause discontent among the masses. When paper money is over-issued, there is inflation and prices rise. It hits hard several important sections of the people like workers and fixed- encomiasts. The people might lose confidence in the currency and it might become useless. Such a situation arose in many countries during and after World War I.

please check the advantages and disadvantages of printing money

the world is in the dilemma of keeping value or sustainability

the world is hard hit by the pandemic and still many consequences are clinging..

how to solve?

may peace be on earth..

thank you

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